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Get Yours Now!

Thank you Dr. Jeff...for your efforts, thoughts, and continued writings! Education is key, and you are helping. Please present to the readers/us...a practical plan to free silver from bondage. There MUST be a sensible (cause & effect) course of action for us silver bugs. Pardon my french please..."from buyin' to bitchin'"*. *Examples: letters to our Congressional representatives; articles; even word of mouth (my best).

Dr. Jeff, is there anything WE can do? Some of us really NEED to retire, and yes, solely on our silver. How could we have picked the ONE commodity that ends up being vastly manipulated by the banks? Good grief!!!

Now, of course, I wish it was all in bullets...ah, hindsight. It seems to me that the only way to BUST THE BANKS in this to actually channel William & Nelson Hunt and HASTEN THE SILVER SHORTAGE!

Even though my personal silver hoard is significant, IMO, I / we are STILL BUYING silver almost every week.

"We The People" are very, very powerful working as a group. Small-investors ALONE could bring on a true, and inescapable world-shortage of silver! We could bring down the naked-shorts. Think about it. Add the Chinese people in with us on this project, as they're already scooping gold & silver...oh, and add central governments, as they are certainly accumulating.

WE MUST DO IT. Do you think the banks are going to voluntarily release their stranglehold on the throat of such a GOLD 'n SILVER GOOSE?

If you are a physical-holder, GREAT, we are the foot soldiers of this "reverse-confiscation" of precious metals (silver only for us). GO OUT AND BUY US SILVER COINS, BULLION ROUNDS / BARS, OUNCES of silver in any / all forms. Real habits of millions of people could easily absorb all the above-ground silver in months.

If you're a paper-silver person...STOP THAT...get out of the paper now, and join the group that will untimately cause our dreams to become realities in the precious metals sector. Give us your ideas, too!

There is so little silver available to the silver market, maybe 3-5 billion dollars TOTAL.


We, the People (Silver People), can do it! Success!!!

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Feb 06, 2014
by: Silver Lugnut

Greetings to Dr. Jeff, and my fellow-hoarders! It's been almost a year since this Reverse-Confiscation article was written. I've personally laid in more physical than I can recall in the past few months. Every spare cent is headed into silver! Needed new tires for my work truck...had to sell two rolls of Eagles to pay for them...that's how committed I am to this effort. Let's go people. Get on eBay, or call your dealer tomorrow. Let's see a spike!! BUY SILVER! WE THE PEOPLE can control the silver market, the linchpin of our economy! Get it now folks! How many ounces do you have? May I suggest to you a full BAG of AU/BU Roosevelt dimes, put together as fast as you can! Yep. 10,000 silver dimes! Seriously. This is your best starting point. Tiny-traders...globally-recognized...never counterfeit...use-for-anything...tangible...real money for a real world, if it returns. Up to us. PEACE & LOVE, with bread, bullets, and a Bible.

Apr 07, 2013
Buy silver to end manipulation NEW
by: Tommy

If everyone in America who isn't completely destitute, would buy only one ounce of silver per month, every month (more if you can afford it). In one years time, the entire stock of above ground bullion would be gone and spot prices WOULD BE THROUGH THE ROOF. The Hunt brothers tried to do it 30 years ago, but ran short of cash. By the power of the sheer numbers of people in our country (313 million or so), we can corner the market easily without stressing anyone financially. This action would surely end the silver manipulation AND CRUSH THE TPTF BANKS who have been playing us all for fools for years. It's time we got even (and then some) with them....

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