When planning your next investment options why not consider pure silver coins?

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Many people have been thinking of investing in silver coins but are unsure how to go about it. Where do you begin?

Some research is necessary

If you are new to investing in or collecting silver coins you should definitely do some research before starting to purchase these coins.

It’s not that it is a bad idea – it is actually a really good idea but one that should be thought out before plunging ahead into unknown waters.

Get a guide

You should get a guide – not a tour guide – but similar except that it is for learning about pure silver coins – their value and what to look for.

Coin books are readily available and will give you a better understanding of what to look for as some coins have more or less silver content than others based on the year they were produced.

In the United States any silver coins made prior to 1965 contain ninety percent silver and ten percent copper – while any silver coins minted since then only have forty percent silver – so the older coins are worth more if you look at their silver content.

Their monetary value remains the same – a dime will still buy you ten cents worth of something or a quarter will buy you twenty-five cents worth of that same something.

What other countries have pure silver coins?

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Many countries have pure silver coins such as:

  • Canada – Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • China – Chinese Panda
  • Great Britain – British Sovereign
  • Australia – Australian Kookaburra or Lunar Zodiac or the Silver Dollar
  • Again – doing your research is the key to finding out what other countries offer pure silver coins.

    Often it depends on the year in which the coins were minted as some years – like the United States – the silver coins are not always pure.

    One Ounce Silver Coins

    Many countries produce a one ounce silver coin that might only be produced for collectors or are what is called uncirculated. The Australian Kookaburra and Lunar Zodiac are examples of those.

    Some coins are produced for a limited time – such as the Kennedy silver dollar thereby adding to their value because there are only a limited number of them available.

    Commemorative and Theme Coins

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    The Lunar Zodiac is an example of a “theme” pure silver coin that offers a different sign of the zodiac each year. The Australian Kookaburra is another one.

    Other countries offer themes for centennials of someone’s birth such as one being offered in Austria to honor the astronomy and mathematics genius Galileo. While in the United States Louis Braille is being commemorated with a one dollar coin honoring the inventor of Braille.

    Coins have been minted to honor famous celebrities like Marilyn Monroe as well as professional people who have made their marks in medicine, the arts as well as themes for airplanes, boats, and all areas of life.

    Investing in silver coins takes some research and a little bit of knowledge but it is an investment that will pave a silver path to your future.

    For a great way to get started now with pure silver coins, download our Free Guide To Investing in Silver Coins.

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