Precious Metals and Inflation - Why You Need Silver Now

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One of the most common myths in today's investing world is that precious metals are either out of reach for the average investor or simply not a sound investment. In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. Investing in gold and silver coins has been a sound financial option for years even though it may not have been the in vogue choice of financial advisers.

And even though the safest way to invest is by taking personal deliver some individual investors who see the writing on the wall are employing leverage in their precious metals investing.

Indeed, things for precious metal investing are beginning to change.

Real Estate Still DOWN, Silver UP

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It may help to remember that a few short years ago, the in thing for new investors was to buy, renovate, and "flip" real estate. Millions of dollars were being made in this lucrative investment strategy. Then the real estate market took a swift nose dive, leaving thousands of investors holding mortgages on several depreciating properties at once. I was almost one of those people, but I have to say that I was thankful I had made the choice to invest in precious metals rather than real estate. Guess it's a good thing I'm terrible with do-it-yourself projects.

The value of precious metals cannot be denied; the cost of gold is definitely higher than it has been in years and while the same can be said for silver, it is a wiser investment choice in my opinion because of supply and demand. Silver is used in components of nearly every television, computer, and cell phone in the world and the supply is not unlimited.

All of the silver currently discovered in the world could fit into a fifty-five meter cube.

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According to a 2004 report by the U.S. Geological Survey, 1.26 million metric tons of silver had been mined with half of the world's silver production at that time having been mined in the last 62 years. Production is up because use is up. When the supply of metals begins to run low, the cost will increase exponentially and that will be a very happy time for silver investors.


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Many observers, notably GATA, have characterized the more than decade long run up in the precious metals markets as a managed retreat orchestrated by the big bullion banks.

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