"Peak Oil" and its devastating effect on Fiat paper Currencies

by Michael Kerlin
(Dallas, Georgia, USA)

You've probably never heard the term "Peak Oil", but you have been experiencing its effects for the last few years, whether you have known its source, or not.

What is Peak Oil, you ask?

"Peak Oil" is the term associated with the World's supply of oil reserves reaching their maximum level of output, or in other words; our ability to continue to expand the supply of oil to meet the World's ever growing demand for it.

The crucial element in the success of the current financial formula of Business and Government is this; they all require an ever expanding economy in order for them to remain financially viable in order for them to meet unfunded future liabilities, and a readily available supply of cheap oil, capable of exceeding demand has always made that possible, until now.

In the past, we have been able to pull ourselves out of recession's by simply opening the oil spigot wider and growing our Industrial base to expand our economy, thus providing the growth that our economic engine has required to remain healthy.
But this prescription for economic health, which our government and banking systems have come to totally rely upon; like every drug, has reached its expiration date. The key missing ingredient in the formula is an abundant and ever expanding supply of readily available cheap oil.
"Peak Oil" will simply not allow the supply to keep up with demand. The result of this is economic Armageddon with the World's Banking system and Governments collapsing with civilization as we have known it for the last 100+ years, following close behind.
We saw a small preview of this 2 years ago with the temporary bail-out of the world's largest Banks and Insurance companies by Governments around the world, but how long can they continue to prop up a failing financial model when their sources of revenue are drying up, as well? That is the real question, and the answer will determine when the real collapse will come.

Governments are quickly running out of the financial resources which have been delaying the inevitability of the coming financial tsunami and the current prices of Gold, Silver, etc. are the early signs of what is coming.

The worst of this crisis has yet to even show its face, but the current move to real value based assets such as Gold, Silver, etc., and away from Fiat based paper currencies is a sure sign that the Patient (our economy) is getting sicker, whether the Doctor (Government) wants to acknowledge it, or not.

Pundits have called the current run-up in commodity prices a bubble that will soon burst, just as it has in the past, but the flaw in their logic is that this crisis is unlike anything we have ever experienced. We have never faced a "Peak Oil" based recession before.

There is an old expression that applies here, more than ever before;
"Plan for the worst and hope for the best."

In this instance, the best may have already passed us by, leaving only the worst yet to come.

Value based commodities are currently going up due to the perceived concerns that people are having regarding potential future hardships, but the actual hardship's that have always driven up the prices, such as hyper-inflation and World instability have yet to rear their ugly heads, but does anyone reading this truly believe we will be able to totally avoid them? If so, then sell your Gold, Silver, etc. at this level for healthy profits and put your Fiat paper money in the bank.

If you agree, however, or even suspect the reality of a world financial collapse, then why would anyone want to abandon an asset that has intrinsic value in exchange for one that could soon be worthless?

What will happen to the price of real value based commodities when the world's Fiat paper currencies collapse and Hyper-inflation explodes like a Hurricane from a once tranquil sea?
For those wise enough to continue to accumulate commodities while the price is still relatively cheap compared to what it will be once the storm hits, they will own something of real value in a World where paper cash means nothing and their very survival could hing on their ability to trade something of real value in exchange for the basics of life itself, such as food and shelter.

Don't simply take my word for this; research it for yourself. The truth is out there for those who wish to find it.

Just a little food for thought...

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Although the new sources of oil in the tar sands, etc., have increased the supply of oil, they are not a substitute for the cheap, "liquid gold", once plentiful in the world. The costs of producing these sources requires a much higher cost of oil, per barrel, and more importantly, they do not yield the 30 to 1 ratio of energy gained vs. energy to produce that liquid oil does.
Make no mistake about it, the world liquid oil supply is peaking, and no alternative source of oil can come close to replacing it.
The recent drop in oil prices is NOT a result of the tar sands, etc., quite the contrary, it is an assault on that very industry by the middle eastern oil suppliers who are releasing record amounts of easily produced, liquid oil, and literally flooding the market in order to run the tar sands, etc. producers out of business! They can not refine the tar sands profitably with oil at the current low levels...period, and the middle eastern oil supplies know this.
Their assault on the alternative oil producers is succeeding, as noted by the recent spate of bankruptcies by many in that industry.
Once the alternative oil producers are reduced, you can expect the middle eastern oil producers to reign in the flood of oil they are currently dumping, and the price of gasoline will once again, return to the $3-$4 range.

Peak oil is real and those who choose not to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best, will come face to face with that reality; not if it comes, but when...

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History lessons
by: Retro

As any historian can tell you, the average life span of every fiat currency to date has been around forty years. The US adopted our current fiat system of FRN's (Federal Reserve Notes) back in 1971.

You do the math...

Bottom Line: NOW is definitely the time to invest in the three precious metals of Freedom - Gold, Silver, and Lead (in the form of bullets.)

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