Party is just Getting Started

by Lawrence M

The current economic situation is bleak at best. Paper markets are creating distortions in the physical..

The issue I find most fascinating, supply ! On one hand, we have the dealers talking about tight supply & long delivery times. On the other side of the coin, we have the people who say there are a billion ounces of above ground (investment grade) silver and filling order are not a problem. Why is the Perth Mint working like crazy to get coins minted? Why does Canada & specifically the U.S. Mint continue to release information about not having the blanks available?

The spot price continues to be flat or even move lower, but premiums are going higher.. Hmmm

Who do you believe? I believe what I see. Most all dealers are issuing notices to buyers w/ respect to "longer than usual" delivery times. Silver is getting a little harder to find..

I find it hard to believe that the spot price of silver will stay at around $24 or lower for any significant period of time. Once these banksters get enough physical at a discount, shake out the weak, they will allow the price to creep back to sustainable levels.

Eventually, interest rates will rise and so too will the dollar price of physical precious metals.

Although physical investors make up a smaller percentage of buyers versus industry, the spot cannot stay this low for an extended period of time. I'm thinking the mining companies cannot produce at such suppressed price levels.
Demand for the white metal has risen dramatically since April 12th, 2013 & will only continue!

The main street is trying to paint an ugly picture when it comes to the time proven winners, SILVER & GOLD !!

I'm afraid (for them) it's not gonna work! Keep Stacking!

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May 25, 2013
China Gold Silver Ignored NEW
by: Anonymous

I believe that the price of gold is set high for a reason . That reason is to gouge the gold market. There is more gold above ground than silver. Yet silver prices remain low. In spite of the fact it is more rare than gold right now. I also believe that Gold will bottom out and silver at it current level would be 20 ounces to 1 ounce in gold at it's current price. That is the way it should be now. It doesn't take an economist to realize that people are being taken for a ride. On a golden rail.

May 25, 2013
China`s Threat NEW
by: Anonymous

We should not only concentrate on PM alone but we should also glimpse at what China and Centar Banks are doing. My own opinion is that the FED and in General US economy is beating these PM down in order to revert them to the DOW and to be addicted to USD. By pushing PM down greedy speculators rush to take part in the rising share market. They will opt out of their PM holdings to follow the groups in Shares. That is then given more pressure by group or groups of Banks to add in the vinegar to sour the situations. Furthermore in their vault there are not enough PM for delivery. As PM gets cheaper they can than starts to cover up the balances. What backfires are that China are also taking this cheap situations to load up their vaults and at the same time changing the arena of trade using Yuan. It is already happening in Australia, Africa and now with BOE. Very soon they will cover all the USD clients. Theny we will ask the question?? are they able?.. Not before but now with huge amounts of GOLD reserve I will have no twice thinking if compared to USD printed out of thin air.

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