Open Sesame

(Morrisville, NC)

Open Sesame!

All of us have heard these words. These words open doors
to a magical world full of riches.

A few days back Mr. Walter had recounted his experience when he was eight years of age.

In the year 1959 when I was ten years old, I visited my grand-father's house in Coimbatore in India. He opened a bag full of about 100 to 120 one rupee coins. These were
the coins minted in the British era before India became an independent nation. They were all silver coins glowing in the dark village home. My grand-father threw a coin on the floor to show the characteristic sound of the silver coin.

I became interested in numismatics and silver and two years back when I met my uncle, I asked him about the silver coins and whether he still had any of them. Alas! The coins were no longer available. He said that they had been melted and made into silver vessels. Since the coins were no longer legal tender it was okay to melt them. The craze for silver vessels and jewelry of Indians made those invaluable coins and pieces of history being lost for ever.

Three months back I came here to the US and was amazed at the beauty of the American Silver Eagle coins. I am very much delighted by the beauty of these coins and will be taking a few coins with me to my country.

I envy the people living in the countries like USA, Canada, Mexico etc who are able to purchase these coins as and when they like, as much as they like.

I told my son-in-law and daughter who live here about this wonderful opportunity and they have started buying a few coins every month.

Let us resolve to save a few coins every month which will prove to be a "Open Sesame" to the future generations of our families.

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Nov 14, 2015
:) NEW
by: Anonymous

thanks for sharing this content

May 22, 2012
Paper Route Coins
by: Practical-

I had a paper route when I was 11. It was 1963. Every week I'd collect for the week's paper delivery. A total of of about $20, almost all silver coins. Dad would buy them from me and put them in his safe. Now, those few junk silver coins I brought home every week are worth about $500. in today's inflated fiat currency (just in melt value!!).

May 22, 2012
Scrap4treasure and silver
by: Jack Bracken

This is a great article. I did a program called scrap4treasure to learn how to recover silver and gold from scrap-electronics and machinery.

I follow this site because when I sell my stash I use the money to buy silver coins.

I do this part-time but if the price of silver goes to $60 or $90 I will be at it full time. Seems like that might not be too far away.

I highly recommend Scrap4treasure if any of your readers are interested.

May 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

This is the essence of what it is all about. Always remember that real ounces matter more. They should be what is counted, not the paper currency they are priced in.

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