Old silver Coins

by Rob

My grandfather who passed in 1973 started collecting old silver coins since he was a child. Born in 1896 on an old horse ranch in Idaho. He later passed them to my father who looked at them as just plain old money and used them as such in hind sight he kick himself quite often for that until he passed in 2005. Since I was six years of age my grandfather gave me a Morgan silver dollar every year. I kept every one. I now have quite a few from him as well as the ones I buy every month for the past 40 years. I never knew the would amount to anything. I have since gone on to collectables Mostly U.S. I'm very happy I did now. I do however have a frustration. That is professional coin graders like NCG and PCGS that came into play 20 plus years ago. I have sent them numerous coins that were given to me by my grandfather only to have them come back as cleaned. Then graded as such when I know they have not been. This drops their numismatic value. I wonder if in the future if the coins like the Standing liberty coins that I now collect will come back that way. I have also sent them cleaned coins that I have done just to test their graders.

I have taken a circulated coin cleaned it and have it come back to me graded at 64. So my best advice is to collect all you can while the prices are so low in any condition now as surely they will rise in value. This coming from a person that has bought a Morgan for $4 to $75 It seems I have never lost one cent doing so.

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