Numismatic Coins Are Cool, but NOT for Investment

[numismatic] Numismatic coins are those coins made in limited quantity or for commemorative reasons.

Collectibles, like silver commemorative coins , carry premiums that make the price of the coin much greater than the intrinsic value of the metal. Therefore, they could be difficult to justify in light urgency or limited capital. The good thing about these coins is that they do contain silver, not to mention that, in many cases, they are beautiful or old and tell a good story about money and civilization.

If you already own, say, a bunch of old silver dollars, that's fine.

Simply hold them as you would any other coin. You could possibly trade them for equivalent bullion value, but given the many reasons for accumulating as much physical silver as possible, it is probably better to hold them for the long run.

In fact, if you are looking for a great gift for family or friends, what could be better than a silver round commemorative from a local coin dealer, like our friend John Gulde?

However, numismatic silver coins and/or rare silver coins are definitely not the best choice when urgently building a position in silver.

Why the Urgency?

When you consider the effect of "real" inflation- we find that each day our dollars become worth less than they were the day before. And this trend is going to continue. Adding a collector's premium defeats the hedge aspect of a silver investment.

Think of silver coins as the best way to get the most out of the dollars you have, while you still can. From a liquidity standpoint, you want silver that is easily transacted, whether at the coin shop or for barter elsewhere—the less ambiguity about price, the better.

No one, except for the true collector, wants to be caught up in a debate about silver dollar values (Or trying to figure the value of a silver commemorative coin).

What you want is to quickly build a small hoard to protect yourself, while you still have the option to do so.

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