Not to mention silver already outperforms gold...

by Tim Morar
(Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States)

We all know that super cheap $4.00 / ounce price back in the early 2000's and late 90's, shot all the way up to mid $30's just a couple years ago. Anyone who bought into this white metal 15-20 years ago has walked away with more profit than folks who bought gold.

With this into consideration; this also drives the demand for silver even higher. Not only does industry use the heck out of it, people "love" silver especially now-a-days.

Oh, and, gold/silver dealers? Pawnshops? There isn't a single day that passes by without a handful of people picking up a few Morgan Dollars from the local coin store. There are sometimes I walk into my local store, to see the silver dollar boxes totally stalked up one day, then almost depleted the next week. Another thing not mentioned is that US Mints at one point in 2013 had completely sold out of 1 oz. round coins. If people keep buying out the Mint's stocks of rounds, that forces them to come up with more of them, thus using more of the metal. This just goes on and on... and on.

The way people buy up this metal left and right, these prices have gotta be manipulated as explained. Plus, the more we come up with better technology, more phones, more tablets, and more computers = MORE SILVER. Eventually we run out of it. I think now we use more silver than we use oil for cars. Not 100% sure about that, but I think we are. People have more smart phones and tablets than they do vehicles.

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