Most are uniformed or fail to act.....

by fred kruger

... The deer is staring at the headlight of the oncoming locomotive; frozen in the glare, unable or unwilling to take two steps to safety. The closer it gets the quicker the response must be to save oneself.

....................... the light and sound get brighter, louder, and many warning signals.... but the deer stays in place..... is safe with inaction, up until the moment of impact ...
Read history on failing empires and currency crisis ... get informed.... learn what that distant light and sound mean... then get off the track.... act.
The US and the World banking and political systems are the corrupt train, presently accelerating....
No one knows when the impact will come.... its just a matter of timing. Learn what has allowed individuals and families facing the same perils in other times and places survive.
We can all see the light of the political and banking corruption... ever increasing campaign contributions(bribery), lies, libor, high frequency trading and bailouts. We hear the sound of inflation for real things getting louder.... while the sound of deflating prices roars from our over taxed homes....
Time for action.... but few will act ..... be in the remnant that save yourselves ... your family .... be the one that isn't wiped out .... be the one that has the capital to rebuild.....

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Oct 14, 2015
Ahmad Faraz NEW
by: Anonymous

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Oct 07, 2015
Any others out there.....selling home ... gaining more freedom and independence NEW
by: fred kruger

Escape to warmer climate ...freer from the weather and less government..... Looking for others that are doing the same or similar. Maybe form a mutual assistance/friendship association ...instead of one rugged individualist on his own... maybe others to help
Selling home that is already set up well as a retreat in a small NH community ... no income or sales taxes....has heating appliances for wood and oil... 1000 gallon oil storage.... 4100 sq with indoor pool ... views from NH to Vermont ski areas.... gardens ... fruit trees.... berries.... all in quanity....Barn and outbuildings....your own firewood...6.5 acres with long country road frontage. All this for less than half what it would take to build it... 71 dollars a sq
I'm seriously selling ... want out to live aboard my boat.

Oct 07, 2015
Good NEW
by: James

It is the longest and most elaborate of the uniform acts. It is the longest and most elaborate of the uniform acts.
sound proof matting
reasonable price

Sep 16, 2015
Escape Haven NEW
by: hydrodog fred

Maybe a nice little ... retreat ... the island of Montserrat... I'll help out with your research if you want to email me

Sep 16, 2015
Yes! NEW
by: Silvie

Positivity and never giving up are key! There is nothing that can stand in the way of a positive mind.Just saying!

Aug 12, 2012
Good choices for living in a crumbling society.....
by: fred kruger

..... My best two options......
First if you want to stay put go high quality, small footprint housing with gardens, renewable energy, and some type of small meat animal. You won't be able to get all you needs fulfilled but it will go a long way to add to your finances, health, and will get you away from modern day distractions If it can be in a warm climate where you have a long growing season and little need for fuel all the better than a colder climate.

My other best option takes a little more expertise but can be learned quickly....It is an aluminum motor sailer... Its a home that can move whenever the location your at becomes undesirable.
Register it in the correct location and you can have weapons and low/no taxes. No real estate tax.
You don't need high price marinas very often if you learn the ropes...
D I Y maintenance takes care of most of your upkeep.
Fishing is a viable food option plus a fresh fish is a valuable trade good in most coastal communities.

I live in NH. My heating bill is about 4500 per year... My real estate taxes are 7400 per year. Folks that's almost a thousand a month before I get to put a crumb of food into my mouth. That can take care of a lot of boat if you have the knowhow. ie. I have a sixy foot boat stored on land for 132 per month not the 3-6 most marinas want per season for that size boat.

I'd like to meet others who want to find a better way .... others who will share their knowledge and help each other achieve a better more rewarding life.

Aug 12, 2012
We have to be prepared for whats coming
by: silver lining

You sound like a wise man Fred. All the signs are out there of something disasterous heading our way. People talk about a second Great Depression. There are even those who say that the Great Depression of the 1930's will be dwarfed compared to what's coming. This will be more like the Dark Ages.

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