by G. Crain
(LaMirada,Ca. USA)

This is more of questions ~~~can't figure. Didn't I read a few days ago, the CFTC fined a company on a small(?) infraction? What of "JP MORGAN" ???? They are making $millions manipulating silver off the backs of me & countless others! It has been proven over & over, & it is SUPPOSED TO BE ILLEGAL. They don't even try to be discreet about it. Isn't CFTC or whom ever supposed to watch/regulate & fine or punish offenders ? Who protects the market/us etc....? I've read for last couple of years,that the CFTC (OR ?)has been investigating for 3- THREE YEARS!! Isn't just the fact they're investigating for 3 years ~~~~mean some form of "collusion" OR THEIR involvement in manipulating?

Who/what agencies watch over & has authoritative of/over CTFC?

Yes ~~it's a shame the Secret Service dudes got
in trouble buying/renting some leg in Colombia, but man we were ALL OVER investigating & punishing them immediately,(& with our tax dollars)!! What a shame are country is !! Our gov't can LEGALLY run our deficit up, like $Million dollars every 4-5 minutes(?), & Legally
print trillions of "BAD" dollars, but let JP MORGAN & CFTC get away with financial murder! NOW ~ after thinking about it, I'm kinda glad the SS got some leg !!! At least my tax dollar BOUGHT SOMETHING (useful ?) Discouraged.

Anyone think the same?

I heard there is pending lawsuits over this, but seems that doesn't have an effect!

Any ideas ~~especially if ya ain't rich or colluding?
Good Luck, See Ya.

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Oct 09, 2015
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by: Stephan S. Johnson

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Oct 09, 2015
True information is shared NEW
by: Stephan S. Johnson

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Jan 25, 2014
Gold takedown commencing week 26/01/2014 NEW
by: Bill Simmons

I am an avid reader of almost all silver articles i can get my hands on.I read all articles published on Kitco silver page on a daily basis.Some time ago i noticed a strange occurrence happening on this site.Each time they wrote a weekend article citing a majority of experts expected gold prices to increase the following week for whatever fundamental reasons,a takedown occured the following week.At first i thought that this was an anomaly or the experts they relied on were not very good at their jobs, in fact they were anything but experts.But as time passed and i looked more closely at these articles something more sinister came to mind.I believe that these articles were used to dupe as many small investors into the market so that people in the know could profit further from unsuspecting investors.These articles do not appear on a regular basis but when they do, i believe that it is a signal to connected investors that the gold price will be taken down the following week.This time im putting my head on the chopping block by announcing that gold will suffer a takedown in the week commencing 26/01/2014.I am letting people know before the event so that i can demonstrate that the manipulation in the gold and silver market is real

Apr 30, 2012
by: Flash

The daily report is "Casey Research", "Ed
Steer's Gold & Silver Daily".

Apr 29, 2012
SS & the leg show.
by: Flash

ON JP Morgan, anyone who "wants" to could
read in various places CAN SEE the shorting & man-
ipulating of the silver market. One example is
"Casey Report" with I believe ED Seers (or Sears).
He & others follow & comment on this every trading
day. Can't enough people yell in a kinda forum to
alert the general public ? Hunt brothers were sure shutdown....why/how can this keep continuing
for so long ? IDEAS---- anyone ????
On the secret service.... can ya believe I/we
paid for $200 a nite for rooms & food drinks &
"entertainment" ----AND for the leg.... & the cheap bas____s tried to "screw" the poor working
girl outa the monstrous sum of $47..!!!!????
Ain't that ironic ( or fate)? HA-HA....These are
the dudes "protecting" THE AMERICAN WAY !! Screw theIndians out of NY, the Mex outa Ca, etc... We ain't prejudice,.."WE'LL SCREW ANYONE" ! HAR_HA.

Apr 29, 2012
It's not WHAT you know, it's WHO...
by: Tommy

This current group of fraudsters in charge, and believe me for it to get this bad BOTH parties HAVE TO BE TO BLAME. It's strictly bread and circuses for the American public now-a-days. The Congressionals participate in insider trading on bills THEY VOTED FOR/AGAINST! While people like Martha Stewart go to the slammer.

Bernie Madoff gets a well deserved prison term, but the presidents buddy John Corzine, loses a billion or so of the publics money AND IS STILL WALKING THE STREETS!

Attorney General Eric Holder, et al are up to their eyeballs in Fast and Furious. People are dead here folks (lots of them). Yet no one has been fired/imprisoned or publicly flogged for it.

Yes, it would seem that the idiots are in control of the asylum AND NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE! After all a new episode of the Kardashians is on in 20 minutes, and the band played on...

Apr 26, 2012
Great comment
by: Anonymous

I don't care who you are, that's funny.
I totally agree!

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