by William Simmons
(manangatang vic australia)

If you believe that the gold and silver markets are manipulated, then you must also believe that the market regulators are either stupid or complicit in this crime in progress. It can also be argued that government have given jp Morgan license to control the markets.

If this is in fact the case then you can imagine that they wont be relinquishing control without a huge fight.
With unlimited financial resources backing them it seems like it will be virtually impossible to overwhelm the manipulators.
If more people stand for delivery on their contracts it will just be a simple case of changing the law to allow them to be paid out in dollars.
It was recently reported that HSBC have quietly entered into contracts with a Polish silver producing country to buy in excess of 36 million ounces of silver at a cost in excess of 1 billion dollars.
What could be the motive for such an action.
Buying up future production first of all will not disrupt the market and cause prices to spike.
My second thought about this arrangement is that it may be possible to use future production as a backing to sell silver naked short into the market to artificially keep prices low.
If in fact this is the case it would further strengthen the argument that JP morgan has been doing the exact same thing to manipulate silver prices lower.
They would have the blessing of the US government and regulators as gold and silver has always been considered to be a threat to the validity of the Us dollar.
So i would not even contemplate an explosion in silver and gold prices or an end to market manipulation until we have a complete economic implosion currency collapse.
The Bankers and the elite will attempt to keep the game going for as long as possible.
If you look at history you will see that every currency created that has not been backed by gold and silver has always collapsed.
I have no real timeframe for when this will occur but im convinced it cannot continue more than a few years and possibly less.
So i think rather than watching the markets for a huge payday it is better to keep your gold and silver safely in your possession and treat it like your insurance.
When currencies do collapse you need to have hard assets that can be traded.If im wrong and nothing happens then great because gold and silver will always have significant value so you now find yourself in a win win situation.He who owns the gold and silver in the end will be the winners over those holding paper assets like currencies derivatives and bonds.


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Sep 04, 2016
It's right around the corner. NEW
by: Stacker

The dollars daze are numbered. As soon as it gets relieved of its "world currency" status precious metals will begin their climb. Within two years!

Feb 05, 2013
The rise has to happen. Mother Nature demands it. NEW
by: Bradley

Manipulation in silver Will Not continue forever. Some think JP Morgue can do it forever. They can slow the ascent only at this point. The cost to remove it from the ground is almost on par with what an ounce costs refined .999 Pure.
Silver is being gobbled up at these low prices. I am part of the gobbling up crowd myself. I believe that sooner or later the physical and paper prices will separate to extremes. Then there will be a mad rush for taking deliveries. A default will then occur and game over on the Comex. Mother Nature only gave us so much silver. We have squandered it in persue of easy riches via fiat paper. Age old greed...some things never change. That includes the physical world and it's laws. is more than just protecting and increasing your wealth with Silver. It is about hoarding away a most precious metal for the future generations. This metal is vital for our way of life these days. Until they can mine it off of asteroids or make it in a Star Trek matter manipulator, you all are doing the world a great good by socking away silver for your future and for them future generations. Plus it is fun ; )

Feb 05, 2013
Dimon rules the eft. NEW
by: Rob56

Let em manipulate as long as they see fit. It just gives us time to collect on the more valuable coins in my opinion. One day the ponsi scheme will crash. But the coins will be in my hand not a blip on the magic JP Morgan computer.

Feb 05, 2013
silver NEW
by: mrs.gaga

yes you alright mr.william simmons,thats why i started to bug silver..

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