Junk Silver Coins Offer Rewards

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When most people hear the term “junk” they automatically think that the item is worthless or of little value except perhaps to the owner.

“Junk” silver coins are one of those things that sound like they can’t be worth bothering with but really are if you know what you are doing.

First of all – they are easy to come by. You can get bags of 90% silver coins in any denomination you want. You can purchase one bag or twenty-five depending on how much money you want to spend - from a $100 worth to thousands of dollars.

What are “junk” silver coins?

Junk silver coins are those that are not valued by a collector and usually refer to any coins minted prior to 1964. You might ask WHY?

Prior to 1964 the actual silver used in coins was approximately 90% while after 1964 or from 1965 onward the amount of silver used was only 40% - a major reduction – thus making the pre-1965 silver coins more valuable.

Where can I find “junk” silver coins?

Actually – you can find them just about anywhere. You probably have them stashed in your pockets or wallets and you don’t pay too much attention to them do you?

But you can purchase bags of them just about anywhere – from online to buying them at a show or a flea market – but the trick is to not pay too much for them.

How much should I pay for junk silver coins?

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These coins are now over forty-five years or more old and while many of them may be nicked and worn down with time these coins still continue to have approximately 99% of their silver content.

To buy these junk silver coins you should pay attention to the current value of silver and the weight of the coins which you want to buy. Knowing the weight and knowing the value of silver beforehand will help you tremendously.

The seller usually has a markup on the junk silver coins but you should not pay more than 25% more than their value.

What coins are considered “junk” silver coins?

  • Silver dollars
  • Half dollars
  • Quarters
  • Dimes
  • What is the estimated silver content of these coins?

  • Silver dollars have approximately 0.77344 silver content
  • Half dollars have approximately 0.36169 silver content
  • Quarters have approximately 0.18084 silver content
  • Dimes have approximately 0.0723 silver content

  • Why should I buy “junk” silver coins?

    [silver coins]

    These silver coins are an untapped market that can provide you with steady income if you know what to look for and where to look. Take advantage of the opportunity to cash in on these junk silver coins that will continue to grow in value and won’t lose the silver content that they have – no matter what type of hard use they have had – they will continue to be valuable.

    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – so take the “junk” out of silver coins – and become a winner today!

    Click here for a handy calculator for determing the actual silver content and value of your junk coins.

    For a great way to get started now with junk silver coins, download our Free Guide To Investing in Silver Coins.

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