JPM/Fed Ag manipulation *will* end

by Dave Braga
(San Mateo, CA)

The US gov is in a quandary. They want to make the national debt disappear by making the dollar worthless. But doing so makes gold/silver an attractive store of value. Can't have it both ways. China and others are aware of this, so they are taking measures on a global scale. The Fed can only scam the US govt's intentions. They can't scam value outside US borders. So china, Russia and other countries will continue to suck up gold and eventually silver. China is already on the road to acquiring 8,000 metric tons and have future gold contracts that will have have expire so that they 'have' to take physical delivery. China is importing gold as gold ore so that it doesn't show up as a transfer of gold. They also have dollars they continue to dump. And they will continue to do so until the US gov't cries uncle. Sadly, JPM will be bailed out for playing it's part in helping the Fed scam the US public.

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Mar 12, 2017
Understanding The Fed NEW
by: Anonymous Woman

I'm reading a book by Ron Paul on The Fed, and another by Antony C. Sutton. It would help greatly our country if we all educated ourselves on how our government really operates. Learn to trust ourselves again, and definitely stop watching or LISTENING to the MSM, all propaganda.

I'm not an economist, yet I seek real understanding about our government's machinations.

Sep 20, 2012
Fed up
by: Justin Shaw

There is nothing federal about the federal reserve. It is a private company and it does not have any reserves. It creates money out of thin air. Its name has deliberately been chosen to deceive the American people. The Federal reserve Act was written by bankers and not by lawmakers on a secret location on Jeckyll Island. The Federal Reserve act was voted in after Christmas when most of Congress was on vacation. Since then most Americans were under the false impression that the us government was producing our money supply. Most only discovered the truth with the advent of the internet. Like Scott I would also like to know how one can become a share holder of the Fed. What prevents the Us govt from issuing their own money ? I'm sure that there must be people out there who can answer our questions. In the meantime I'm Fed up.

Sep 19, 2012
How can Americans put up with this
by: Scott CA

Am I missing something. The Federal Reserve is undemocratically elected. They have the right to create our money out of thin air. We do not know who they are. They are accountable to nobody. They appointed a puppet in the form of Ben Benanke to do their dirty work and take the punches when things go wrong. Don't we have a right as US citizens to at least know who the men behind the fed are? I wish I could create money out of nothing and lend it out to people. They have to pay me back with interest with money they earn through their hard labour and sweat. If they can't repay me I simply take their house. Sounds like the best deal ever. How could Americans put up with this for so long. This is absolutely crazy or am I missing something? Can someone please answer me.

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