Joe Nowak

The New Zealand Mint recently had an indicative selling price of $1292 {USD} for a 1 kg silver bar. While having an indicative buying price of $1047 {USD}for silver.

On the other hand their recent indicative selling price for a 1 oz silver coin was $49, while the buying price was $39.

Is this the best way to buy and sell silver, or are there better options.



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Aug 31, 2015
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by: Norwood

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Dec 10, 2012
Eagles $3.50 over spot.

Hi -- On comment from Joe Nowwak...."I" tkink you should NEVER pay a $10 spread on silver!! Here's MY input: I've bought & sold over 30 years, gold & silver. I personally LOVE older USA coins, BUT
the average guy hasn't time to learn not only the skills, but the flood of FAKES rushing to the markets ! I suggest Silver USA Eagles. They can be bought at $2.50 to $4.50 over spot,an average
of $3.50 over spot. They tipically can be sold at arond $1.00 to $1.50 over spot, which is approx
$2.50 total. Not bad.(Even myself has been buyin these & avoiding collector coins..etc.)Another
input: I personally avoid other countries metels,
as Ive found they are not as liquid/easy to sell IF your in hurry, I've learned from experiance. I
believe it best to get what is HOT & liquid ! Roll
of 20 Silver Eagles last week I paid $32.90 + $3.50 = $36.40 times 20 = $728., for 20 Ounces.
Also to ALL readers : consider this: I wouldn't "Dilly-Dally", a little over a year ago when silver was $44 per oz, the shops here limited buyin Eagles to 20 & some shops Up to 40
"IF" they had them !! Imagin if rush in future !?
I hope some of my input may help someone. Thank You, & good fortune to all !

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