by Jack
(Sebring, Florida, USA)

Every wealthy person who is invested in the physical precious metal market should have an attorney sue the principal(s) involved in the manipulation. Copy the suits already filed. 2 or 3 suits helps but if 1000 were filed they would crap their pants. Don't think about it. DO IT!!! You can write your costs off!!

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Jun 09, 2012
We are already ON TRACK!
by: SilverLugNut

I agree with Tommy! Forget the legal action, and put some muscle into some "legal action"...go out and get the PHYSICAL silver now! BOYCOTT all paper, and that means ALL. My retirement universe is 75% Constitutional Silver (US90%) and 25% Real Estate (income properties). NO PAPER, not a speck-o-cereal...well, maybe should lay in some cereal, in the "Best if used by 2025" cans! DUMP ALL PAPER is a simple battlecry...hmm,...and actually makes sense. Obviously, we must have enough cash-on-hand to deal with everyday life, but hardly even that with plastic / digital taking over, so not much actual cash at all. PLAY IT SAFER! DUMP ALL PAPER!! Have a great weekend all, and thank you Dr. Jeff! You old guys...been long silver since about 1981...get ready to retire dogs!!!

May 26, 2012
Request delivery on contracts
by: Tommy

Never mind suing JPMorgue and others. Everyone who holds a paper silver contract should request to cashout in physical silver. If enough people did this in the same month, the whole house of cards would come crashing down.

May 26, 2012
by: trashfocash

I totally agree.... BUT...Tha average guy ain't
gonna cough up mucho $ millions to suite JP. Morgan...& et...el... I've always thought & supported the idea of a "class action suite", but
need a firm coalition or forum to do so !! I hate to say it, BUT most people Know what'ts happenin,
& BIG entities know it AND "CFTC" knows it, BUT
everyone seems content to "Bitch about it" & not
get together & DO something about it.~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sorry, I'm sure it's just me !!!!!
Thanx ~~Good Luck & fortune to all.
Best idea I got is~~ Keep buyin physical gold
& silver & put yore blinders on~ on all this
"Clutter" .

May 25, 2012
Why would anyone trade paper silver....
by: Goldeye

There's quite simply way too much paper silver being traded -- many days approaching $1billion. Heck, that's more than the silver that's going to be mined this year. And who can believe the ridiculous number of short positions. Eric Sprott has the figures that prove there is a critical silver shortage. The shorts know they can just sell tons of paper silver and drive the physical price down even though there is not enough physical silver out there to even begin to cover in a short squeeze. In other words there is a huge disconnect between paper silver and available silver. If this were any other market the paper pushers would have been put in jail years ago. Jmvho. Fwiw.

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