It's up to us!

by SilverLugNut

Only when enough people DEMAND physical only! We all need to be buying hard NOW. US90% recommended. Any form will help bring an end to illegal and unethical manipulation of silver value. Leveraged at literally 1000's to 1, a slight shortage in a small window of time is all we need to get rolling...IMO...but it'll take all of us.

God Bless America, and all of our leaders who honor, admire, and respect the Constitution of the United States!

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Oct 27, 2015
Education NEW
by: Anonymous

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Jun 27, 2014
We aren't Salmon NEW
by: Anonymous

I just started accumulating silver, for all the reasons that you guys understand.

Anyone who cares to know what is going on with silver can easily know. The truth is that people who care have known for 30 years. I think if we Americans tried to accumulate all the physical silver in existence the price would only go lower until everyone gave up b/c the paper market has that much control.

What Americans need to truly realize, if they really wanted to take back the economic future of their nation(which my estimate would say .05% really even care enough or would actually want that)
All they need to do is agree that the dollar means nothing to them.

Hypothetically speaking if everyone decided tomorrow that they would do business in bitcoins and metals then no one would have any monetary obligation to the federal government except in the form of property taxes and what not. IF and its a big IF people really wanted to just start not believing in the dollar here at home then we could take the power from our government and the federal reserve. People want their goods and services and no one would want to goto the time when trade, gold and silver actually pay for your means to live. However our laziness, patheticness, and general complacency in life will ultimately lead to this scenario(IMO), it probably won't be in my lifetime(Im 33) The people who are collecting silver now(myself included) are not the most intelligent people I come across. The smartest people I know work for JP Morgan and the likes. Deep down we all understand the manipulation for what it is, but not for truly how it works. That is left to the big boys with the real money. We aren't salmon, but we love to swim upstream

May 16, 2012
by: trashfocash

Right-on "lugnut". I'll do my best, & have been.
Though I doubt us PEONS have enough $$$, & not the
experiance nor sophisticated/lightin speed computors that manipulate metels in a "nanosecound"!! I still can't figure ~~~ if most
of the world KNOWS JP Morgan & others are manipulatin the metels....Why can't enough voices
DEMAND this stopped & punished ??? I read where there is lawsuits over this...but it continues!!!
Anyway <,....Good Luck & Fortune To All.

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