Infotainment the order of the day

by Silver lining

People are constantly being brainwashed by the mainstream media who are driving the hidden agendas of those in charge and the elite. People are basically being hypnotized daily to believe that a world exist that is in actual fact far from reality. The masses are bombarded with sports, Hollywood, glamor, gladiators, talent shows, etc.which diverts peoples attention from the horrific realities of the real world. Alex Jones has called this infotainment.

The mainstream media is definitely not objective and unbiased in their reporting. When have you ever seen reporting for example on the low morale of US troops in Afghanistan or Iraq. You only see these clips on u tube. Silver has gone up 19% over the last month and as far as my knowledge it has not been covered in financial segments on most major networks. The only news network worth watching is Russia Today (RT). When comparing RT to others, it is like watching reporting on 2 different worlds. They regular have guests like Gerald Celente, Mike Maloney, Murphy from GATA. They have eye opening financial segments like Capital account and the Kaiser Report with Max Kaiser. The ironic thing about RT is that they hardly report on Russia. Most of their presenters and guests are Americans.

Unfortunately most US citizens watch CNN, Fox and ABC news while RT has become the most popular news network in Europe and large parts of the Far East.

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Nov 12, 2015
Infotainment the order of the day NEW
by: Randy M. Williams

Infotainment is indeed diverting the minds of the kids, but I don't think gladiators should be included in the list as it is a part of history. essay services review suggests that children can actually learn more things if interesting facts of history are dealt with by adding war stories and deities in it. The post here is very good and should be a revelation for those who think only about money without caring for the future of children.

Sep 13, 2012
Mainstream reporters cannot overstep bosses' interests
by: Craig

It is obvious and sometimes laughable how the mainstream media reports protest action all around the globe 24 / 7 such as protests in Egypt, Greece, mines in South Africa , etc. On the contrary one never or rarely see m media coverage on protests in the US, creating the impression that everything is safe and sound. US citizens are most happy and contented people. Let's take the Occupy Wall Street Protests for example. One would have thought that such an historical event happening right on our doorstep would be on the news 24/7 like how other international protests are being covered. It is therefore so obvious and sometimes depressing to see how the m media cover events. It is clear that the reporters and editors are limited in their freedom of reporting especially when it clashes with their bosses' interests.

Sep 10, 2012
The media has made us ignorant
by: Jean

One of Hitler's generals told him that people will believe anything as long as you repeat it constantly. We have become couch potato zombies glued to a hipnotic box for an average of 4 valuable hours a day while the world is burning down around us. Most of us will only wake up until it is too late. The financial crisis of 2008 caught most by surprise since the mainstream media only started reporting the news when it was too late although those who got their updates from the internet were very much expecting it. The world is facing a financial amageddon and still they are persisting with their hunky dory attitude. We better wake up. This time we will cry tears of blood.

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