I don't believe the stopping of the silver manipulation will change anything.

by JANE, A Silver Owner

It doesn't make our world any better if the manipulation comes to an end. It will only fill the pockets of the greedy. A few silver coins will not make anyone rich or save anyone in hard times. Tell those that have lost already; homes, jobs, self respect, etc, etc. Over 300 million in this country, silver - gold manipulation means nothing to them. Mr. Joe six-pack doesn't even know what silver is.

The back bone of this country is Mr. Joe six pack.

As for Silver Manipulation? They will out smart the Butlers of this world, they always have.

In my world CASH IS KING.. If you or any one doesn't believe that statement! TRY BUYING SILVER WITHOUT THE KING?

I'm an owner of a vast amount of silver. It's not doing me any good but collecting dust, but my cash is, its supplying me and my loved ones with real life, it pays for everything in life. IT ALSO PAID FOR ALL MY SILVER!

Money talks and bullshit walks. I don't believe the stopping of the silver-gold manipulation will change anything.

They will give you the bone? BUT THEY WILL KEEP THE STEAK. This is one big game and no body can see it !!!


PS. The silver shorts will never get theirs!! Whatever theirs is !!

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Oct 20, 2015
For those who need light on low silver prices NEW
by: Walter

Low priced silver is still operating on the law of supply and demand, but the large supply that drives silver's price down is a future supply. The value of physical future supply is transfered from the future into the present by those who have the power to legally sell what they don't have through naked short sales. You just have to ask yourself, Do I really believe they can keep selling empty promises in a crooked world forever"? What do you think will happen when paper promises that are over 100x the available present silver begin to default?

Oct 19, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Aug 24, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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May 04, 2013
cash is king? NEW
by: Anonymous

If cash is king. Why don't you get rid of by your silver and get more of the king? Why do you have it if you don't think it may be more valuable? And we know that no matter what silver will always have value. Cash on the other hand is dependent on government backing, and has no real value on its own.

Apr 17, 2012
Dethroning the Cash King
by: Walter

The comment that cash is king would mean something if the king hadn't already been stripped of much of his power. When I was a boy in 1964 I could buy a loaf of bread with a single silver dime. Now it takes about 10-25 dimes to buy a loaf of bread.

The cash king has lost much of his power. Who really wants to follow a dethroned king? Ans- those who believe he will rise in power again. But look at the last 60 years. What about the last 60 years tells us that cash is growing in purchasing power? There has is no evidence that the king will return to his throne anytime soon.

Aug 22, 2010
Logic over Emotions
by: Richard Whisler

I feel badly for people who deny the obvious. While it is true that when inflation begins, it will be relentless. It would be prudent for the less affluent investor to overweight their investments in silver. People that we feel are " wealthy, " may in fact not be that well off at all. " Rich " people have large homes, (Taxes & insurance) and gas guzzling luxury automobiles ( depreciation, theft and insurance)! Maintenance ( electricity, natural gas and water & sewer lines). No wonder mortgage defaults are 1 in 7, compared to 1 in 12 for the rest of us. But hey! "You live by the sword, you die by the sword." Many people are not rich, but they live within their means. Buy whatever Silver you can! In the immortal words of Neil Young, "It's only Castles burning!"

Aug 12, 2010
by: Jonas Parker

No, I don't have a "vast" or even "half-vast" collection of silver. What I've got is an everyday, old-fashioned, not-politically-correct hoard. I didn't accumulate this pile as an investment, but rather as an insurance policy.

Right now "cash" - defined as paper Federal Reserve Notes - is "king", and will remain so as long as merchants are still willing to give me tangible goods in exchange for a paper debt instrument. Unfortunately, P.T. Barnum (or whomever else this quotation has been attributed to) was absolutely correct when he stated ".... but you can't fool all of the people all of the time".

As the economic situation deteriorates in the USA, most of the "Joe Six-Packs" will come to the conclusion that paper money is worth about the value of the paper and the ink it contains. At that point, merchants, or at least merchants without a corporate death wish, will demand that we pay "something of value" for their wares.

Whenever this happens, we, or our children, or our grandchildren will have that "something of value" to purchase necessities. And that, dear Jane, is the whole purpose of the exercise.

Aug 12, 2010
peace of mind
by: rosser scott

Jane it's all right to feel this way. many people are frustrated right now you are not the only one. you are so right in many ways a lot of people hurting out there right now. but remember this take care of the ones in you family first and vote in November. be glad you have a large amount of silver because your protecting you and your family's future, and let that give you peace of mind. God Bless

Aug 11, 2010
Please see Ed Steer over at Doug Casey
by: Anonymous

So much to cover, so little time! As many of you know, several (OK!) 4 bullion banks, led by Jaime Dimon, of J.P. Morgan, are short millions of ounces of Silver. If I have lost you already, why don't I just make you a deal for your Silver and save everyone a lot of time? Now, these bullion banks are liable for these millions of ozs. Please, do not think, just listen. Every transaction has a buy and a sell. Most of the time, the buy comes before the sell. You buy low and sell high, and pocket the difference(profit). A short sale goes the opposite way. J.P. Morgan has already completed the sell part, thus adding greatly to the supply and lowering prices. Now they must finalize the transaction, the buy part, at much higher prices! So they will be losing billions of dollars and competing with everyone to buy the few remaining ounces of Silver. 3,000,000 Silver Eagles are being sold every month! Can anyone spel shortige?

Aug 11, 2010
It seems you have not done your homework
by: Leo

"I'm an owner of a vast amount of silver."

Maybe you should sell your silver to somebody who
better understand the fundamentals of silver. Like a studious follower of Ted Butler.

Judging from the logic of your post, or rather woeful lack of it, you could be better off without any silver. At least by having a sound sleep at night.

The absence of logic prevented me from trying to be more explicit and detailed in this comment. I do not believe it will be understood correctly.

Just sell and sleep well.:-)

Aug 11, 2010
My Hope for a SilveFuture
by: Anonymous

I began collecting silver morgans 7 years ago and I consistently check silver commodities each and every morning. I will not sugar coat this at all, but when I see the price of silver dipping below $18 it makes me wonder is it worth it to continue building up my collection when I see no growth in silver value. Am I just building a collection when the future of silver seems highly questionable? I want to believe, I wish to believe, but when I check silver commodities in the morning, it is almost a tragedy and then bullion and rare silver coins take a major hit due to the volatility of silver. Can someone shed some light on this, or am I alone in this thought process? Thank you in advance for hearing me out. Chris M NYC

Aug 11, 2010
Silver is Better (Really)
by: Tommy Gambon

I'm feeling nostalgic again. Comments like these always send me there. When I was a boy growing up in the sixties (man was it that long ago)Sigh... Anyway as a boy my friends and I rode on go karts and mini bikes. Later we graduated to motorcycles and cars, but I digress.

In the sixties a gallon of Sunoco 260 (remember them)the highest octane gasoline in the land. Well over 100 octane as I recall, sold for 26-9/10 per gallon (never understood the 9/10 thing) Oh well.... For one SILVER quarter and a few COPPER pennies one could purchase that gallon of fuel and we could ride all day.

With the price of silver where it is today (around 18.00), and copper at 3.30 lb. That quarter has a CASH VALUE of 3.33 each and the pennies are worth 2.3c each. Meaning for that same SILVER quarter and a few COPPER pennies. You can purchase a gallon of the best premium fuel available today (and GET SOME CHANGE TOO!) I challenge anyone to try that with our C/N clad quarters and our Zinc pennies. You'll be laughed out of the store is my guess.

Sure you have to pre-sell your silver first(not so difficult, sell it to ME!) for my plan to work. Because merchants now-a-days have no idea of silvers true value. But I predict that will all soon change. The dollars buying power has been totally eroded away in the last 100 years (Thanks to QE by the Fed)-95% is the figure I see bandied about. Think about how much more everything costs just since YOU were a child.

Cash is King...(Hardly) and that king is getting ready to abdicate (or be dethroned)!

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