Could Hyperinflation Happen in the U.S.?

Theoretically, yes. We've all see this picture.

Hyperinflation is a scary thought.

Technical definitions vary, but while it could be argued that mild inflation can be a sign of a growing economy, hyperinflation is certainly never a good thing.

But most people in the U.S. - or in world for that matter- say that it will not happen here.

Most make this claim because they believe the Federal Reserve has the capacity and the foresight to prevent this. This was part of the reason the Fed was created.

The problem of course is that inflation is easy enough to create, but almost impossible to reign in when the time comes.

(For an excellent read on the Federal Reserve, try "The Creature of Jekyl Island" by G. Edward Griffin)

The point I want to make is that, in either outcome, or in any type of monetary inflation, silver coins are the best hedge or safe haven investment.

If you hold silver in a form that is easy to exchange (i.e., not in jewelry, in silverware or on paper), you could very likely ride out any economic scenario—you just can't go wrong. Silver remains a cheap, overlooked and exceedingly small market.
The bullish factors are dizzying.

[silver coins]

With normal inflation, silver is a convenient way to convert out of cash.

Even when times of economic growth and prosperity return, the industrial demand alone is enough for prices to skyrocket over the long term.

But in times of poor economic growth, but little inflation (recession), silver will still be strategic metal in high demand for the military-industrial complex.

In times of stagflation - and maybe we are here now - there also remains the industrial usage and (inflation hedge) investment.

Finally, in the worst of cases, where John Williams argues we may already be, silver coins of all types, but especially

Silver Rounds

Silver Eagles

90% pre-1965 Junk Coins

could be easily traded as money for everyday transactions.

The key is of course, to get in now, before hyperinflation, while it is still affordable. We will all likely live to see the frenzy.

(You can read more about why, even in the absence of hyperinflation, silver is the opportunity of a lifetime).

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