How A Silver Dime Saved My Life

by Sol C.
(Dallas, Tx USA)

It was about 1942 when I was fourteen and helping my parents with the five and dime store that hey had bought in St.Joseph, Missouri. I went to school and helped afterwards every day plus all day on Saturdays.

One of the things I did was close one of the small registers in the candy department every day.

I helped myself to twenty five or so cents and always had some money in my pocket. Selling and making change was a part of my daily routine.

One day I realized that we need some small item that we did not carry and i thought that the hardware store across the street would have it for sure.

With out asking anyone I went to the hardware store and as I walked towards the entrance I noticed an item in their window and decided that after I make the purchase I would stop and look at it on my way back across the street to our store.

I went inside and there were three men standing together talking and I assumed that they worked there. I went up and asked for the item I needed and one of the men took me over to that section and I made my selection quickly. He told me that it was 35 cents and I reached into my pocket to bring out a hand full of change and handed him the money.

I was not very friendly and in a hurry to get back to the store and to look in the window at the item that had caught my eye.

As I briskly walked towards the door the salesman shouted out to me "you only gave me twenty five cents".

I realized that he was playing me for a fool and getting to me for a choice was to go on and look at the item in the window briefly and ignore his trying to take advantage of a "young kid" for a dime.

I decided that I did not want to hassle with someone who was of that low character and briskly walked back to him and flipped a dime into his hand.

As I did that we all heard what sounded like a blast from a cannon. We all looked out the store windows to see that the huge awning that was rolled up and about sixty feet long hand collapsed to the ground exactly where I had planned to stop and look at the item in the window.

I was shocked as the dime that I flipped to him had just saved my life.

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