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How A Silver Dime Saved My Life

It was about 1942 when I was fourteen and helping my parents with the five and dime store that hey had bought in St.Joseph, Missouri. I went to school and helped afterwards every day plus all day on Saturdays.One of the things I did was close one of the small registers in the candy department every day.

Silver Bull

As the price of physical Silver continues to de-couple from the quoted price of paper silver (KITCO, etc.), one must apply a bit of Common Sense when considering the purchase of physical Silver.


This is more of questions ~~~can't figure. Didn't I read a few days ago, the CFTC fined a company on a small(?) infraction? What of "JP MORGAN" ???? They are making $millions manipulating silver off the backs of me & countless others! It has been proven over & over, & it is SUPPOSED TO BE ILLEGAL.

Price Of Silver And Lower Margin

The price of silver over the last several months has been relatively stable, which was meant to be the reason for margin increases last year. If this was really the motive and the current conditions have been stable then why would the regulators now quietly be lowering the margins on silver contracts, it does not seem plausible. Perhaps the regulators in conjunction with the larger players are once again trying to create the volatility which allows J.P.Morgan and HSBC to resume the fraud and slam the unsuspecting investors once again.

Spare Change and Lessons Learned

About 10 years ago I started throwing spare change in a 5 gallon water bottle as a mad vacation fund. Last year I topped it off and cashed it in for a value of $2100.00. All the while, I was well aware my stash of change was losing purchasing power due to inflation. When I first started saving the change in this manner silver was less than $5.00 an ounce, last summer when I cashed out my devalued coins silver was $35.00 an ounce.

Silver not that bulky after all.

While gold is definitely smaller per dollar value than silver. Silver is more convenient for an everyday transaction after TSHTF or even now, beforehand. The vast majority of your day-to-day purchases could be easily paid for with 1, 5 or 10 Ounce silver bars.

New Chinese Exchange Could Ignite Silver Prices

You would think that one paper ounce of silver would be backed by one physical ounce of silver. But that's not the case as we all know. So what happens when you buy paper silver and then want to take delivery of physical silver and there's no physical silver out there? Or what happens when you're short paper silver and you can't cover as there is no paper silver to cover with? You have to cover with physical silver, and there's none to be found.

Circulated Silver Coins

I started saving silver in 1964, when we stopped using silver in our coinage, and a brilliant Govt official announced that now silver will go to a dollar an ounce. Here is an excerpt from the speech President Johnson gave in July of 1965...

Dr Kevin Bethel 1

One of the ways I look at EBay is the "Commodity Exchange Market for the Average Man." If you look at the cost of any 1 oz silver round on EBay right now, it is well above the spot price listed on KitCo or COMEX. Not so long ago it was possible to find a few ounces of silver on EBay for spot value or just below spot value, but, with the recent drops in spot value this past few months, the asking price on EBay starts higher and the offer prices go way above spot price.

Dr. Kevin Bethel 2

I could understand how Iran and China could make any agreement they feel is mutually beneficial trade. The real alarm will be when any other country like India, Russia, or Brazil also settles a trade with Iran using Yuan.I expect that just as India settled with gold and now China settled with Yuan, so will Russia and Brazil settles with their gold or their own currency. When each of them have traded in their own currency, and the whole market didn't explode...Then they will talk about some other unified currency to challenge the US dollar.

The relationship between physical buying and paper contracts

A friend of mine once said that he is going on a holiday to unwind. I asked him what exactly he meant by the word unwind.Then he drew my attention to the old mechanical watches and how they have to be wound up. What will happen when it is fully wound he asked. Well, the spring will be in full tension I said.

Open Sesame

Open Sesame!All of us have heard these words. These words open doors to a magical world full of riches.A few days back Mr. Walter had recounted his experience when he was eight years of age.In the year 1959 when I was ten years old, I visited my grand-father's house in Coimbatore in India. He opened a bag full of about 100 to 120 one rupee coins.


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Silver Demand and Popularity: One in a Million? No Way!

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Silver Price History: The Coming End To The Manipulation

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Where Do YOU See The Price Of Silver and Why?

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Will demand for physical silver finally eclipse the futures market?Will the dollar be worthless 10 Years from now?

Will we get a 1980's-style blow-off, leading to a bear-market slump?Let us know what you think about the future of silver prices?

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