Graphene, silicene or some other similar type material

Graphene, silicene or some other similar type material will probably come much sooner to the market place than we might think. Methods of scale up are in good progress. Manufactures of electronics constantly look for something new to make obsolete past product and create must have future product. Will silver have it's niche or even be used more than before in the coming material revolutions?

When personal computers came out people thought paper would be sold less. Just the opposite happened as people went on a printing spree. I think there will be similar silver suprises in the future.

If silver does not circulate more than to the coin shop and back people as a whole will tend less to accept it as money. In Utah the bullion bank that would issue credit cards backed up by your own deposited bullion has not taken off. Hopefully Arizona or some other state considering gold plus silver as alternative currency will make the metal backed card happen. We must make the safe haven aspect of metal be easily achieved by average people in the western world or some other thing like Bitcoin will steal the safe haven show.

It should not be so hard to do this as people right now are paying banks to own their money and invest it however the banks want. I say the bank owns it because if the bank loses deposited money, legally they do not have to pay you back. They cannot be prosecuted for bad handling of their own money you gave them. In the case of a major domino 1930's style bank failure. The government will probably print money it does not have for the FDIC to give you but it will paper not worth much. When people finally, finally realize the silly situation they are in with what they think is their own money in the good old bank there for safe keeping, they will want out and into anything backed up with some real value. But that safe place to go to must be in place and ready to receive deposits of precious metal for the flood into metal to happen.

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