Gold Silver Spot Prices Are Rising - But Are You Missing the Silver Boat?

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Historically, many people preferred to invest in gold rather than silver because of its rarity. This is about to change so drastically that I decided to seed this page by mentioning gold silver spot prices as if one meant another and I couldn't decided which to go with.

Yes, silver and gold will eventually trade much closer to 1:1.

While gold's main function is used for monetary purposes silver is much more multi faceted. Silver is demanded in various industries including the electronics industry, the jewelry industry, photography and finally in the financial industry with demand percentages as follows 45 percent, 30 percent, 20 percent and 5 percent respectively. Recently gold silver spot prices have been up and this begs the question, are you missing the silver boat?

Another reason why gold has been so popular in the precious metal investment is because silver has been historically easier to mine. Although this is a lesser known fact among investors, silver production is almost now solely dependent on the mining of other metals.

By taking a look at the gold silver ratio, and then the current gold spot prices, it seems that silver must be tremendously abundant. Interestingly enough, over the past 30 years, silver has been used up leaving very few stockpiles left on earth, begging analysts to reassess what the true ratio should be. Recently, many people have been learning that silver is actually much less abundant than gold.

[mexican silver round]

In reality, both gold silver spot prices have been increasing. However, the reason why many people believe that silver may be at the advantage is because silver has not come close to it's inflation-adjusted high. And Silver is more affordable for those who do not have a large amount of investment power. AKA, the masses.

Considering gold prices are now well above $1000 per ounce of gold, indeed, Silver at less than $100 per ounce is increasingly the modest man's investment choice.

Silver is a precious metal and a lot of financial advisers are steering towards investment in silver bullion like coins and bars as they are a tangible part of one's economic investment.

More and more mainstream analysts are beginning to see the light for silver understand it's huge potential.

So even though gold silver spot prices are up, you should contemplate investing in silver bullion seriously as part of your precious metals portfolio. Here is a way to get started today.

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