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[investing in precious metals]

In times of economic woe, many people are investing in precious metals - seeking out the best way to protect themselves and their family from a declining economy. In the past many investments have led people to the poor house. Therefore, one of the best ways to preserve one's finances is through precious metals investing. Precious metals, such as gold and silver, can be very beneficial for one to invest his or her money in since these metals are based on their monetary value.

Allocation of PM's in Personal Portfolios

In the past, many financial advisors used to recommend to their clients that at least 10 percent of one's personal investment portfolio should be allocated to investing in precious metals. Nowadays, this statement still holds truth yet financial advisors are steering their clients towards pool accounts, ETF's and mining stocks rather than the classic coins or bars made up of such metals. All of these options are valid ways to manage one's portfolio but there are some concerns regarding investment in pool accounts, ETF's and mining stocks due to this troublesome economy.

[investing in precious metals]

In times like these, we are trying to hold on to investments with a tangible value. Having stocks and bonds may mean something, but holding a piece of paper in your hands is much less reassuring than a bar of gold. As people begin to reassess their finances and portfolios, they begin to realize that if the economy continues to spiral downward that they possess something that will help them to maintain their economic security. For this reason, many people have once again begun investing in precious metals, in which they con possess such as coins or bars.

Investment Risks

Institutions which organize ETF's and pool accounts are also running the risk of becoming nationalized which also makes investor's beg the question that if they invest, will they end up losing much more? In these times, it seems that there is a larger trend of investors going back to physical precious metals investing - in which they can hold real metal in their possession. This makes investors feel safe and guaranteed that they are not going to lose their investment due to a bad stock market day or government intervention.

Many people have even lost interest in investing due to the economic risk factors of living in an insecure and unpredictable economy. Therefore, investors they are losing their sense of proper economic allocation within their portfolios. With all of these factors, a new wave of investors have taken their own initiative to begin investing in gold and silver by purchasing bars and coins in particular to secure their economic assets.

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