Conspiracy Metamorphosis

by mebedug
(Virginia Beach)

It would seem the success of the Rothschild Family hinged mostly on the understanding of human nature, and that truth can be buried under a layer of perceived truth. The quagmire of conspiracy snares both those who comprehend it and those who rely on it. Both parties stand to benefit from the status quo and to challenge that is to challenge one’s way of life, so very few would ever consider it.

One could argue that conspiracy is a non-voted form of democracy that can exist in any society regardless of governmental structure, and in a democracy, the majority rules. What “The People” ought to believe is somehow replaced with what “The People” want to believe, usually in the interests of maintaining things as they are.
Conjecture from the mainstream media may initially be challenged, but over time the challenger’s voice is overpowered by an intolerable majority conditioned to believe what they are told. Those in the mainstream media may at first question, only to be silenced by those few who own the mainstream media and have something to lose. In order to protect their own selfish interests, they force the mainstream media to divulge conjecture.
Having said that, the ‘mainstream on an academically-driven mission to politicize conspiracy theories’ convinces the majority that ‘Reality Fact’ is merely ‘Conspiracy Theory’, and replaces ‘Reality Fact’ with “Uncontested Conjecture”. Perceived truth undergoes metamorphosis into a ‘New Reality’ that the majority wants to believe, allowing their ‘Normalcy Bias’ to continue uninterrupted. This is the blanket of lies that covers those who have been deceived, and shields them from the harsh cold of fundamental reality.
Even when the mainstream media does give truthful accounts that should ring alarm bells in the average person’s head, the numbing effect of normalcy bias keeps those bells from triggering the reaction they should.
• “Is this news having a negative impact on me that I can ascertain?” – “NO”
• ‘Is there something I need to do regarding this news to maintain my lifestyle?” – “NO”
• “So I can I go on with business as usual?” – “YES”
• “Then I don’t care, and I’ll just change the television channel to something else. Hooray for Me”
But, sooner or later, we reach the scene in the show where Snoopy makes off with Linus’ blanket - what if he didn’t get it back? What now? Would it continue to be funny? For Linus it would be devastating to say the least, and the same goes for the majority, infested with normalcy bias, suddenly faced with reality. To see them go through this situation would not be entertaining at all. The feeling would be more like seeing someone standing on the roadside with a “Will Work for Food” sign, only to realize it’s your next door neighbor.
While none of us will be unscathed by future events, preparing now with even a small allocation in precious metals may mean the difference between buying food with the only thing that is money, or standing on a corner hoping for a handout.

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