Buying Silver Coins Offer Opportunities For Investment

Buying silver coins for investment versus for collecting is an issue dictated by the times. For those seeking shelter from the financial waters up ahead, investment in bullion or low premium coins makes the most sense. However, collections are fine for those luck enough to have them...

Silver coins provide a history of their country of origin

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Throughout history silver has the best transactional money. Since the return of fiat money, silver has tended to trade more like a commodity.

But lately, as the dollar and all other major currents begin their final assent to zero-value (a fate of every fiat experiment in all of written history), buying silver coins has become a way to protect declining purchasing power and potentially profit from the swing back to currency backed by things that hold value.

For the collector (on par with an art collector) silver coins provide an aesthetic appeal and a look at the historical events that tool place in previous eras. Here are some good examples of coins minted during different eras of US History:

  • Between 1879 and 1882 coins produced are often called The Outlaw
  • Coins that were produced in New Orleans are often referred to as The Big Easy Collection
  • Presidential Collection silver coins include the Eisenhower or Kennedy dollars
  • The State Collection was begun in 2000 with a coin for each state
  • Buyers can purchase silver coins in many ways

    Silver eagle coins can be bought directly from the mint. Other "investment grade" coins and bullion can be purchased online.

    Numerous options exist (coin shows, online collections and EBay, and local coin dealer for the collectors or numismatic investors looking for particular years or time periods or limited editions that might have only been available for a short time. These of course can be more costly.

    Why buying silver coins makes sense

    [buying silver coins]

    Buying silver coins in these times of crisis makes the most sense as an investor. Nothing against numismatics.

    If you find a collection, there is no reason to sell - the beauty of these coins (and the real silver they contain) guarantees that they will never go out of style!

    As small investors out to retain even a slight amount of purchasing power - not to mention the upside potential - we seek to own the greatest amount of silver bullion for the money.

    Coin form happens to be convenient for storage and liquidity. They also tend to have the lowest possible premiums, making them a more efficient way to "transfer dollars"" to silver.

    Pre-1965 Silver: Buying silver coins that come in bag.

    [buying silver coins]Silver coins that were made prior to 1965 are called “junk” silver coins but don’t let that fool you. These bags of old circulated coins can be easily bought online or from a dealer or other sources – with all silver in those coins being approximately 90% of the total content.

    They may be older coins, but they are not considered numismatic because of the wear and tear of circulation.

    (Occasionally, people will inadvertently spend these coins without knowing that the silver they contain is worth many times more than the coin face value).

    Here's a great resource for learning about the real value of circulated coins.

    Bottom line, the role of silver in today's stormy economic times is slowly returning to that of monetary store of value. Buying silver coins for wealth protection is about to go head to head with industry.

    For more on this and just about every issue about silver, check out our FREE Guide and E-Course for silver coin investors here.

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