Why Buy Silver Coins?

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Can you think of any more reasons to buy silver?

There is simply no other industrial asset in such short supply and high demand. Silver can never default. It is cheap, liquid, and basically ignored by the mainstream investment world.

Like gold, silver is also a monetary asset—but you can't really compare silver with gold. The gold market is huge, and gold is not an industrial metal. For this reason, gold owners would do well to buy silver coins as a way of re-allocating their precious metal exposure.

Production deficits in silver continue, and now are even more significant a result of the latest commodities take-down. Silver is produced as a byproduct of other metals. As miners cut back production of zinc, copper, and lead, silver production will fall as well.

Demand Continues

This cutback in production has led to a shortage in retail supply. Coins are still possible to find, but only in small quantities. Check with your local coin dealers.

We recommend coins because they can be found in small quantities (which is really all most people need, given the moon-shot price potential) and because silver coins are the most liquid. For example, when you buy silver 1 oz rounds or 90% “junk” silver, you typically pay much less in premiums than you would with silver eagles.

Although the newer American generations may not remember, it wasn't long ago that U.S., and most foreign currency, contained a good deal of silver. Junk coins are a good bet because of their silver quantity and inherent liquidity.

No Default Possible

What other asset can you hold that is not only guaranteed never to be worthless, but is also an essential element in so many things that are relied upon in modern life?

Remember that silver compared to all metals has:

  • The highest thermal conductivity
  • The highest electrical conductivity of all metals
  • The highest reflectivity of all metals
  • Unique chemical and anti-bacterial
  • All of these attributes have led to an increase in silver’s use in consumer products, medicines, and medical devices.

    Anyone Can Buy Silver

    Just walk into a coin shop and ask for junk, rounds, or eagles. Small amounts are fine. Find a waterproof/fireproof safe and keep it in a closet. Silver coins are a great way to convert dollars as a hedge against coming inflation.

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    The #1 Reason to Own Silver Now?

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