Beyond Silver

by Joyce Fraser
(Lakewood, NJ USA)

As one who has been exposed to and who loves learning and applying his wealth of education in many areas - from teaching to raising natural/organic foods to Law to antiques/collectibles to hard labor as a child - I feel very insecure with regard to our "customarily-spoiled and taken for granted" American and Western Free World's ways of life coming to an end.

If I'm permitted to fast forward using "hypobolics", the changes we are not only about to face, but those major, major changes that have already begun ...
... genuinely mean survival for many of us, and a hell of a lot of misery, conflict, pain and suffering for a surprisingly high percentage of the "once-thought-to-be-secure-and/or-safe" remainder.

Part and parcel to the forgoing concerns or more accurately, the imminently-grave threats to all mankind, is/are;
"the dangerous, divisive, destructive, and deadly effects of religious ideological clashes-turning Nuclear, and thereby toxifying perhaps most of our life-sustaining food, air and water supply". And what if the Apocalyptic-minded "must-murder-and-die-for" obligation, is what they genuinely believe as their HOLY DUTY within their "That's what God/Allah requires and ORDERS ... must be carried out?
Whether such cultivated religious beliefs and thinking are interpretations, or wrong, subjective religious diktaats, is not as important as what many of the subject follower/victims WILL do!

Hence, my and many of our ops to continue studying, learning, researching, debating, and satisfactorily resolving our complex econo-financial challenges of the day, become interrupted because of dangerous religious fantasies.

I'm afraid to say that based on what we've thus far witnessed, our current President is either too naive, or he deliberately accommodates, appeases, and supports our adversaries, our enemies, and other of our ill-wishers, thereby further weakening America, and impeding any resolve, resilience or incentive we may have. Many even contend that Obama has some clandestine or hidden agenda.

In any case, Obama is unable to put much into effect that will do more than temporary patch jobs.

An all-encompassing and practical plan for more than preserving our financial security and well-being via possessing our beloved precious metal buffers, must be striven for.
It can be stated by this writer - and with great certainty - that with your insight, Dr Jeff Lewis, you at the very least are aware of the ominous forebodings which emanate from the maniacal Mideast mindsets ... and which we in the Secular Free West STILL have a chance to prevent. If not, it appears that The Apocalypse is on schedule.

It's becoming increasingly likely, that if we don't end the Iranian Nuclear Program, that regime of religious fanatics will precipitate The Nuclear Conflagration that is required for ushering in The Mahdi or Islamic Savior, so he will impose Sharia, Strict Islamic Law onto the entire world ... as of course is God/Allah's wishes!

Thank you for all your commentaries and for your ability to delve deeply toward conveying the way you view things.

More importantly, what can we do to hold onto safe and prosperous futures?

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Oct 11, 2015
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by: Hilaria Sherwood

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Sep 24, 2012
Greedy corporations is your biggest enemy
by: Craig

Joyce, you mentioned that Islamic extremists is the major threat to our free western way of life. You are either very naïve or uninformed about our country's economic situation. Since president Bush took office in 2000, our national debt has more than doubled from around 6 trillion dollars to a staggering 16 trillion dollars today. The best news for bankers and the guys behind the Fed is war, since it forces the government to borrow more money to finance these wars. As Mohamed has mentioned, it is our children that will have to pay for this sea of debt. This debt is not just going to disappear. How has the Iraq and Afghan wars benefitted us? If anything we are much worse off than before Bush. Gas prices are at all time highs and inflation is out of control. The main threat to our way of life is not some bearded guy who lives in a cave, but our countries elite and decision makers. Prepare yourself for touch times ahead, even toucher if we go to war with Iran.

Sep 23, 2012
by: Emile

The US propaganda machine is feeding it well to
the fine folks of your country. It's not the
middle east that scares me but the greedy, power-hungry US leaders that stick their noses in
every ones shit. With all that power comes a great
responsibility. The US government should take their
troops and send those poor kids home.

Sep 23, 2012
Its all about the oil
by: Mohamed

If the American people have not up to now discovered that their government is screwing them, then they will probably never learn. The events following 911 change the world as we knew it. There are still a lot of controvesy surrounding the events that occurred that day. In a poll done by CNN, 80% of the respondents indicated that 911 was an inside job. Check out the website of the 911 truth comission. The people who question the official 911 report are not conspiracy theorists but many are family members of the victims of that dreadful day. To claim that whoever believes otherwise are conspiracy theorists is an insult to logical thinking. These claims are based on facts. Don't take my word for it, but do your own research.
The 2 wars that followed 911 were tragic. The Afghan war was justified since the Taliban did not want to release Osama bin Laden which was the so called prime suspect. The Iraq war was justified since the US Govt was convinced that Saddam Hudein possessed WMD. Colin Powell even presented "evidence" to the United Nations. This all turned out to be lies. Osama bin Laden was supposedly killed more than 2 years ago, but the troops are still in Afghanistan. We are asked to believe that this 11 year war and counting was fought to find 1 man. This war claimed the lives of thousands of young Americans and innocent Afghan children. These wars have cost Americans trillions of dollars which the future generations have to pay for.
Do you honestly think another war with Iran is the solution? What's so hypocritical about the Iran situation is that Iran is still in the process of manufacturing nuclear capability while North Korea has openly admitted to possessing nuclear weapons. Iran on the other hand has never attacked the US. Muslims have been stereotyped as this cruel war loving people hating the western way of life. The mere concept of "The War on terror" is laughable. How can people buy that. I'm a Muslim and my religion teaches me to live in peace and harmony with all other people. I've been raised following the western way of life. If a couple of idiots uses the quran, just like the Ku Klux Klan used the bible to justify their madness, it does not mean that all Muslims or Chistians hold their beliefs.
There are no winners in fighting these horrific wars. Only those profiting which is definately not the American people. Future generations will one day look back and see the barbarism and lies in all this. Just like the Gulf of Tonkin incident has been declasified as an event which never took place. The Gulf of Tonkin incident was the reason the US went to Vietnam in which 30 000 Americans and millions of Vietnamese were unjustifiably killed.

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