Be patient my Dear.

by Jerry Fares
(Delray Beach,Fla)

Jane, I know just how you feel. I inherited 10,000.oz from my dad who had been collecting for years and a big fan of Ted Butler (back in the 70's to 2003, when he passed) Being a yuppie sales exec I begged him to get rid of that junk and get into the Wall Street Market. Thank God he didn't listen to his over educated kid. On 10-8-03 on his death bed, he said,” son, you know what your getting (14 safety deposit boxes in two banks of silver coins, eagles, bars etc.)I beg you to hold on to them for 5 years (03 to 2008 ) if they don't start taking off, cash in and buy a car, boat or what ever you like and also Research, Research, Research silver and the precious metals." Well the rest is history; silver did touch $20.00 and is holding at $18.00 even with the criminal manipulation. Gold has hit HISTORIC record a high at $1200.00 and silver isn’t even close to the Hunt brother’s time. I have since retired and put every dime of my retirement pension and 401 into silver. I have taken possession, have it hidden and sleep very well thank you. I now have 36,000 oz. due the math. Also due the math when it hits 50 again and it will very soon. Jane, be patient unless you’re in your 80's and in poor health, sell out and live life to the fullest. At 60 I still have plenty of time to wait it out. All my research for the pass 7yrs has giving me quit an education on silver, precious metals and world events and how they effect PMs , the gangsterous FEDERAL RESERVE, the totally fixed and corrupt Wall Street, the out of control and really corrupt politicians(both parties) and Socialist President. The only THING that has TRUTH behind it is GOLD and SILVER. REAL MONEY per the US Constitution. Patience. Jane, Research, study your investment, it's easy and very interesting. As far as the end of the manipulation, as far as I can see, probably never as long as the FEDERAL RESERVE Controls JPMORGAN and the banking industry and the politicians of Washington. Until the FED is Abolished, nothing in my opinion will change except get worst for AMERICA. However, there is a bright side to this black cloud. SILVER IS AN INDUSTRIAL METAL AND IT'S GOING EXTINCT ACCORDING TO GEOLOGIST MAYBE BY 2020. Screw JPMORGAN and his cronies, when industry comes looking for silver, then I'll sell and Industry will set the market price and Morgan will really get the shorts. If we as Americans don't get out and vote and take this country back, nothing will matter anymore, we all will be peasants to the uncomprehendable filthy rich! Respectfully submitted Jerry Fares

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