Base money supply 800B to 2,600B = a tripling since 2007-8

by marxbites
(Palm Beach Co, FL, USA)

And all this fiat is locked up, banks borrow it for near free and the FED pays them a 100+ basis points of gravy. Once loosed, it's Katy bar the door folks.

Recent speculation as to silver's REAL price has ranged up to $5K/oz.

This rocket ship is still in the fueling stages, or 2nd or 3rd innings if you will. Few people have a single oz of Au or Ag. In fact many are unloading their bling like the fools govt has made them all, me included for far too long. Murray Rothbard's essay once W sent me to studying saved me.

Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy

Read it and see for yourselves what a corrupt necrotic cesspool our klepto-thugocracy govt, the FED/ESF/CIA enabled, has become.

A youtube a few years back, a man was trying to sell an Oz of Gold on the streets of CA somewhere. No one would take his offer to buy it for $100, OR even $50. How pathetic we have become, no one knew the price of gold then.

I would encourage all here to watch Eric DeCarbonell's deeply & meticulously researched and telling youtube videos (he is the grt grandson of ex-NY FED-head Frank Vanderlip) re: the Exchange Stabilization Fund that has ZERO congressional oversight, and is immune like those criminals Paulson, Bernanke & Corzine, er and Greenslime (who knew better), Rubin & Summers ALL seem to be. And they ALL make Madoff look like a piker by comparison. Where's the first indictment? Holder, like them all is fully bought and paid for. The more one protects their bankster masters the higher up the criminal ladder they go!

What I have been afraid to blog about: The ESF and Its History_Part 1

And have you blood pressure meds at hand!!!!!!

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Sep 23, 2015
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