Another plausible scenario for gold silver ratio

by MarK Yarbro
(Dallas Texas USA)

Please allow me to offer an alternative scenario, which I believe that you will really enjoy!

When projecting future silver & gold prices, everyone tends to look at two primary factors: 1.) historical norms for the silver/gold price ratio, and 2.) the naturally occurring underground ratio of silver to gold {15-1 or 12-1, depending on whom you ask}.

I wish to offer another, more practical perspective.

Before the US stopped minting silver coins, the worldwide supply of above-ground silver was approximately nine (9) billion ounces, thanks primarily to the Comstock Lode.

Since that time, silver has been consumed at a phenomenal rate (as you have covered exhaustively in countless articles) until today roughly one (1) billion ounces remain above ground. In contrast, virtually all gold ever mined still exists (approximately 175 metric tons).

So, let's do the math: 175 metric tons equals 6.1 billion ounces. That means that gold is six times more available than silver, or in other words "SILVER IS SIX TIMES MORE RARE THAN GOLD" when you are talking about physical, hold-it-in-your-hand form - which is really how anything is valued by a marketplace or individual...especially in a crisis.

Everyone knows that, in a financial meltdown of any type, demand will skyrocket for precious metals as a temporary store of wealth. Prices are expected to skyrocket as the flight to safe haven investment vehicles intensifies.

MY PREDICTION is that, for a brief period Silver prices could possibly elevate until they are ON-PAR with Gold. Deep pocket drug companies and manufacturers of all sizes will maintain a constant demand for physical silver in order to keep their businesses a time when the supply has dried up due to the flight to safety by both institutional investors AND private individuals.

Of course, that would only be for a short time because the really sharp traders will sell in the peak and purchase revenue-generating real estate; and become fabulously wealthy in a very short time.

I feel the need to tell everyone who will listen to me (my employees, my adult children, my vendors, my church friends, even the folks behind the counter at the gas station and fast food restaurants) to heed the words of the Prophets (both divinely inspired and secular) and BUILD YOUR OWN ARK!!!!!

A flood of poverty will soon be upon us, and thanks to Bretton Woods it will affect every nation. Some will fare better than others, but those countries who have large gold reserves will fare better than others...and private individuals who have gold and silver reserves PLUS food storage and a means to protect with possessions, will survive.


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Oct 08, 2015
Andrea NEW
by: Anonymous

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Aug 10, 2015
Bartleigh NEW
by: Anonymous

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Jul 28, 2014
You're thinking outside the box...Good! NEW
by: Bill Graham

This sounds plausible, but these (expletive) Bankers that are pulling the strings all around the world are already setting up the new system to put into place after they distroy this one. The Pilgrims or whomever you believe is really running the show, want the system to die. When it does, massive amounts of wealth will be transfered to the ones in control. They are creating a new Feudal system whereby the middle class is gone and EVERYONE will work for them. The
Big crash that we agree is coming is nothing to hope for, as it will only bring misery to millions and tighten the noose on the populations of the world. A few of us that are prepared will be spared temporarilly, untill the next round of debauchery. The ones at the real Top of the ladder are never hurt. They just gain more control

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