American Silver Coins: Precious Metals Are A Solid Investment

[silver bullion nugget]Some American silver coins are worth more than just the denomination minted on their faces. Certain types of coins are more valuable, even if they aren’t extraordinarily rare or usual collector-quality specimens. They carry the intrinsic value of precious silver.

Why invest in coins?

Coins are one of the easiest ways for an investor to get into the silver market. Coins are readily available from many different sources without fees for mining or refining. They are small and easy to obtain as well as to liquidate. Unlike bars, coins also have value as US legal tender, they are accepted around the world, and they represent the value of the silver they contain.

What coins are valuable?

American silver coins are generally dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollar coins minted before 1965. At that time, coins were made of an alloy comprised of 90% silver and 10% copper. Since silver is such a soft metal, copper was added to harden the coin and make it more durable.

Many people get caught up with the various bullish factors and the options for investing in silver. For a great way to get started now with American silver coins, download our Free Guide To Investing In Silver Coins

Uncirculated coins are more valuable than those that have been used as legal tender. Uncirculated coins will have lost less of their precious metal to wear. Rare coins also hold a higher value due to their desirability among collectors as well as for the silver itself. Coins that are both uncirculated and rare have the highest value.

Within each denomination, there are several types of coin that were made prior to 1965 and, therefore, are more inherently valuable than today’s coins.


  • Roosevelt Type; made from 1946 – 1964
  • Mercury or Winged Head Type; 1916 – 1945
  • Barber or Liberty Head Type; 1892 – 1916
  • Rarer Types
  • Draped Bust; 1796 – 1807Capped Bust; 1809 – 1837Seated Liberty; 1837 – 1891


  • Washington Type; 1932 – 1964
  • Standing Liberty Type; 1916 – 1930
  • Barber or Liberty Head Type; 1892 – 1916
  • Half Dollars

  • Kennedy Type; 1964 only
  • Franklin Type; 1948 – 1963
  • Walking Liberty Type; 1916 – 1947
  • Barber or Liberty Head Type; 1892 – 1915
  • Silver Dollars

  • Pre-1921 Morgan
  • 1921 Morgan
  • Peace Type; 1921 – 1935
  • How valuable are American Silver Coins?

    The value of circulated American silver coins relies on the daily market price of silver. However, since coins are made of an alloy and not 100% pure silver, the industry must use a method of determining how much pure silver the coins still have. Circulated coins are usually bought and sold in bags valued at their face value in increments of $250, $500, or, most commonly, $1,000. The bags may contain a mix of dimes, quarters, half dollars and silver dollars, or they can contain only one denomination of coin. The weight of a bag is the same in either case: 795 ounces.

    Since the coins contain 90% pure silver, if every coin was brand new that would make each $1000 bag equal to 723 ounces of pure silver. There is always some loss of the precious metal due to decades of wear and tear, scratching and gouging that must be addressed. Accounting for this loss, bags are valued as having 715 ounces of pure silver.The daily price of silver per ounce can be tracked in any market in the world.

    Many people get caught up with the various bullish factors and the options for investing in silver.

    For a great way to get started now with American Silver Coins, download our Free Guide To Investing In Silver Coins.

    Investing in American silver coins is a great way for a novice buyer to begin protecting their wealth in a questionable economy. It’s the cheapest and easiest way of investing in the relatively safe haven of the silver market, one of the safest and most stable markets today. Silver enthusiasts, coin collectors and everyday investors will find silver coins to be a solid choice.

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