Selecting World Silver Coins

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Coins are an easy and simple way to strengthen a portfolio with silver. They are widely available, reasonably priced, and easily liquidated. A coin is both a work of art and an investment that a buyer can hold in his own hand. Buying silver is also a smart move in this besieged economy.

The forces that drive down stock prices often have the opposite effect on silver.


Some world silver coins are extremely unique and highly collectable. Many have quite unusual shapes that intensify their value and make them fun to seek out.

Bermuda has a three-cornered coin, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the famous Bermuda Triangle. The Somali Republic recently released a guitar-shaped coin commemorating the renowned Stratocaster guitar. These world silver coins are either commemorative or proof coins and not intended to be circulated as currency.

Many people get caught up with the various bullish factors and the options for investing in silver. For a great way to get started now with world silver coins, download our Free Guide To Investing In Silver Coins


[silver coins]

Coins are celebrated all over the world as small works of art. There are some coins which are particularly well-known for their beauty and the artistry of their minting. The market for these coins is always active.

  • the Chinese Panda silver coin
  • the Canadian silver Maple Leaf
  • the American Silver Eagle, the most collected silver coin
  • the Australian Kookaburra and Koala coins
  • the Mexican silver Libertad

    Collectors also avidly seek out very old or even ancient silver coins. Age and rarity contribute in large measure to a coin’s value. Spanish pieces of eight, Chinese sychee (which isn’t really a coin, per se) and even the Israeli shekels and mites mentioned in the Bible are exciting finds for a numismatist.

    More Than Face Value

    Almost all coins have a face value assigned to them but it rarely reflects the coin’s actual value. The weight of precious silver in a Silver Eagle is worth far more than the $1 designation on its surface. The offerings of other countries are likewise more valuable than their face value. The common trait among most of these coins is their weight: 1 full troy ounce of pure silver.

    A troy ounce is the standard measure of precious metals. It is equal to 480 grains or 31.103478 grams. Whether a coin is 99.9% or 90% pure, it must contain the full troy ounce of pure silver.

    [silver coins]

    Investing In World Silver Coins

    Silver coins can be purchased from many different sources. Local dealers, coin shows, private sales and at auction, and online auctions are all popular methods of investing in silver.

    Many people get caught up with the various bullish factors and the options for investing in silver. For a great way to get started now with world silver coins, download our Free Guide To Investing In Silver Coins


    There has never been a better time for buying silver. Silver has many distinctive properties. It is an excellent thermal and electrical conductor. It has disinfectant properties. It is malleable and while it may tarnish, it doesn’t corrode or break down.

    New industrial applications and uses are being discovered for these extraordinary attributes and the demand for silver is beginning to rise. However, the price has not yet caught up and remains more affordable than other precious metals. Silver is poised to begin a period of extensive growth and those who choose to invest now will likely be well rewarded later.

    For protecting wealth and providing a secure investment, silver is an intelligent choice. The world of silver coins offers the shrewd investor a world of opportunities.

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