Understanding Circulated Silver Coins and the Right Way to Invest in Silver

Investing in circulated silver coins has become a very popular way to invest in silver. Silver coins such as silver dollars are a tangible way to access one's economic assets rather than a piece of paper implying that one has invested in a market or brand. Indeed, one of the most popular investing coins are the silver dollars which pre-date the year 1965. If you are new to investing in precious metals, it is certainly note worthy that you understand these silver coins and understand the role they play as a secure and liquid option in good times and bad.

Why Circulated Silver Coins and Which Ones?

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When investing 90 percent silver coins, you have various options between quarters, dimes and silver dollars. So which investment is right for you?

First off, in addition to the basic reasons for investing in silver, circulated silver coins are worthwhile for various reasons. The first being familiarity. Although they feel different, 90% silver quarters times the dollars look enough like the current change in most Americans pockets that most people wouldn't know the difference. A similar reason is that this familiarity has been long documented and is well known among anyone involved in dealing or trading gold and silver coins. Bags of silver coins containing over 700 ounces total have been traded for years.

Both of these reasons provide acceptable liquidity in good times and in bad.

Even though they are circulated, most anyone can figure out the date and know right away the percentage of silver that the coin contains.

Which Silver Coins Should You Invest in?

One of the main reasons we like circulated silver coins as opposed to uncirculated silver coins is that the former can be bought at lower premiums. This is crucial for those who are just getting started and want to maximize the initial investment.

Our feeling is that ounces matter most.

Silver rounds and silver bars, otherwise known as bullion silver, typically carry the next lowest premium.

What Are Junk Silver Coins and How Do I Buy Them?

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Because they have spent time in the hands of humans, the majority of pre 1965 silver coins are known as junk silver coins as they do not have an actual demand by collectors. Again, junk silver coins are offered in bags of dimes, quarters, and dollars adding up to $1000 face value.

Most coin dealers are willing to break these bags of silver coins into smaller portions.

Indeed, these "legal tender" silver coins strike many people as a odd way of going about investing in a metal. This is much different then saving your copper pennies.

Silver is an exceedingly rare metal that has thousands of industrial uses in addition to the many thousands of years that it has been and still is money.

To learn more about circulated silver coins or any form of silver for that matter, check out our free guide and E-Course today.

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