Silver Price Today

What Does The Silver Price Today Mean For The Average Silver Coin Investor?

Or rather, What Should The Price Today Mean?

In a word, Nothing.

And yet, this is the number one most-viewed price point.

A couple of issues worth noting:

The daily price movements are professionally managed in order to:

  • Keep heavy and constant pressure applied to the ever-present risk of short-covering on the COMEX.

  • Make steady stream of money for bank cartel on shorting and (enormous) derivitives.
  • This is unfortunate, but certainly no accident. Just the high-tech version of the same (fiat) story played out during this brief period of human modernity.

    In other words... [Most Recent Quotes from]

    This price management is also heavily tied to the general foundation of our fiat -- central bank-managed monetary system.

    Therefore, the silver price today MUST send a message. The message is meant to manage the algorythmic machinations of the technical traders -- by tripping massive stops or inducing automatic selling, while keeping reality cold and in the dark.

    Yes, the message is also meant for you who make up the masses - in order to keep you asleep at the dollar-wheel.

    More on silver price manipulation here.

    So How Is The Silver Price Today Determined?

    Note: Another important thing to keep in mind is that with the current rate of dollar creation (disguised as quantitative easing), the actual purchasing power is being eroded. Therefore, we should always seek to understand the value of silver in terms of purchasing power.

    Daily silver prices are determined by the commodities futures exchange (COMEX), which is part of the New York Merchantile Exchange.

    The problem for silver is that most of what is traded in these contracts represents silver that does not exist. Or in other words, this amount exceeds the amount of silver that can be produced in a year.

    In still other words, the price discovery mechanism for silver is broken and has been for years.

    The short side of the trade, executed by those (bullion banks) who are betting that silver will drop in price each and every day-- are highly concentrated.

    This is the unique issue here. Not simply naked shorting in silver, it is the often misunderstood problem of concentration.

    Cornering the market is illegal on both sides of the trade.

    Why Silver Coins Are A Screaming Buy?

    And yet buried so deep under piles of phoney silver that is a faint - undetected by the masses... [silver price today] The mathematical certainty of a coming default in the price determing body is a given. The question is when.

    However, because of silver's unique role as money (in the past, but arguably now as well) and it's strategic character as an essential industrial commodity, it's suppression is likely a higher priority that keeping gold prices in check.

    Here is why silver prices will fly some day.

    Remember that conservative estimates of the comparison of above ground silver supply to gold describes a ratio of at least 3 times more gold than silver. Yet the price ratio is still better than 50 to 1.

    Therefore, the silver price will be low until it has approached a similar price ratio.

    You would think that for such a simple idea that there wouldn't be that much to silver prices.

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