Silver Dollar Values In The Age Of QE 4Ever And What Matters Most When Investing in Silver

Silver dollar values are easy enough to calculate, but the actual silver in the coin matters more than the collector value.

Because when selling silver, the intrinsic value will determine the real worth of coins. Always.

Yes, there are many beautiful us coins circulating around, including the popular 1922 Peace Silver Dollar, 1922 Liberty Silver Dollar, other 1922 one dollar coin, as well as all the morgan silver dollar - all coins with silver.

The price of coins varies depending on number of factors.

However, given the extremely bullish fundamentals underlying silver bullion, it is the actual silver value that should trump the collector value and ultimately the true coin values.

In our view, to invest in silver, the most important thing to do is consider buying silver bullion in the most basic form available.

When most people think of buying silver, they think of silver dollars and the 1922 silver dollar is foremost in the mind of the numismatic collector. The real beauty, however, is that one need not be an art collector to participate in this opportunity of a lifetime, whereby soon enough, there will be a panic to buy any coins with silver, given the great inflationary experiment the world is undergoing now.

The true silver value is hidden beneath a decades long price suppression and the fact that the ocean of money created to support the banking sector and financial system from collapse has not yet been unleashed allows the individual a unique opportunity to participate and buy silver bullion, the age-old 'lowest hanging fruit', for price appreciation when the central banks of the world finally lose control of there reckless policies.

Unfortunately, the first hurdle people are faced with when buying silver, is the myriad of choices with regard to what to buy, forgetting the real silver coin value.

There are many approaches, but if you are wondering what silver to buy or how to start, go to Coinflation to check the values before you walk into your local dealer. This will prepare you for the confusing world of coins and silver.

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