Safe Investments: Precious Metals Protect Your Dollars From Inflation

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The fear of inflation has got millions of investors floundering for safe investments or options for their money than what they had previously been using. Many investment and financial advisors are looking to precious metals as a way to protect their investors' money from the dire effects of inflation that is inevitable. Such personal finance experts, such as Robert Kiyosaki, are quite vocal in their support of the long term investment in gold and silver as a hedge against the impending inflation that Warren Buffett has been quoted as saying he thought would begin to appear in the next two to five years.

In 1940, there was about 10 billion ounces of silver available in the world, of which half was owned by the United States. More than sixty years of ceaseless consumption later and the U.S. Government owns absolutely no silver to speak of. It remains one of the most necessary precious metals in the world.

Silver Has Many Uses

While gold may be the most popular of the precious metals, it is used almost exclusively for jewelry and adornment purposes, whereas silver on the other hand is widely used. Because of its importance to the technology industry as a necessary component of many electronic devices from cell phones to television sets, silver is uniquely poised to increase greatly in value in the coming years, making in rank even higher in the realm of safe investments. In fact, some analysts question whether or not the value of silver has not been kept artificially low for decades.

Silver Prices Will Soon Begin To Rise

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Investing in silver bullion is far less costly than gold, though the low availability and the ever-increasing demand on the existing supply (due to the high use in technological applications) will no doubt raise the price of silver in the coming years. The trend toward investment in precious metals is growing in popularity as larger numbers of people are becoming disheartened by their failing investments in the stock market and other traditional venues.

Speaking of safe investments, two of the most popular brands of silver bullion bars are Engelhard and Johnson Matthey, each of which produce the popular 100 troy ounce bars that are among the most popular with retail investors.

To find out more about the history of silver (including why it is one of the most important of the precious metals), as well as what you can expect it to do in the future based on historical trends - and in comparison with other safe investments, download our Free Guide.

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