Old Silver Coins Offer Historical As Well As Intrinsic Value

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Owning precious metals has long been used as a hedge against recession and inflation and as a way of protecting earned wealth. Among these metals, old silver coins have been one of the most stable markets over the last several years.

These older, precious metal numismatic treasures are advantageous to collectors because of their dual role in historic and intrinsic value. Either one of these characteristics would suffice as a good investment, but the combination of the two offers an opportunistic venture not to be missed.

Small, portable, and easily liquidated, old silver coins are an easy first step into the market. They are readily available and involve an uncomplicated purchase from any number of online or local vendors.

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Any silver coin made in the U.S. before 1965 fits into the category of an old coin of value.

[silver coins]


There are two basic types of old silver coins: collectors’ items and “junk” coins. Both are valuable, despite the unfortunate nickname, but for different reasons.

Many factors can turn a mere piece of legal tender into a collectors’ item and, thus, a valuable asset. Some old coins have a long and storied history, like the famous Morgan 1921 silver dollar. Some are just more beautiful than others or better preserved from surface wear.

Some are quite rare, either from limited production numbers or mistakes in striking. The historical value of a coin can be immense.

Historical value is a bit subjective and not usually very stable. It’s difficult to quantify beauty or significance and assess a value to it. It’s also tough for a novice to choose a truly valuable coin without help and finding a good deal is even tougher.

The condition of a coin is fragile and can be ruined if it is mishandled.

Coins made before 1965 were made of an alloy that consisted of 90% pure silver and 10% copper. Most have no great value to coin enthusiasts. They are too worn or too common. These coins are often called “junk” coins because they lack collectability. The inherent value of one of these old silver coins is in the metal itself.

Junk is valuable

Silver cannot erode or be ruined by the elements. It is in high demand for use in gifts, jewelry and more importantly, the technology industry. The industrial applications for silver all but guarantee its prolonged demand and, therefore, its value.Buying these so-called “junk” coins is an easy way to invest in silver.


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Silver coins can be purchased from many different sources, from the local flea market to online auctions to coin dealers. A look through the contents of the piggy bank or change jar might still reveal some old precious metal pieces as many are still circulating as currency.

A buyer needs two vital pieces of information before making a purchase:

  • The current price of silver.
  • The weight of the pure silver in the coins.
  • A little research is all you need to get this information.Most dealers sell coins by the bag. Bags are sold in $250, $500, and $1,000 increments. A buyer needs to know how much pure silver is in his bag.

    Silver coins struck prior to 1965 are generally 90% pure silver. Dealers account for a certain amount of silver loss due to wear and tear. Since a bag containing $1,000 (face value) of coins weighs 795 ounces, it would have had 723 ounces of pure silver if the coins were perfect and untouched.

    Accounting for wear, dealers will say a bag contains 715 ounces of pure silver. Multiply that by the current market price for an ounce of silver to find the value of the bag. The dealer will assess a premium, or markup, on the coins in order to make some amount profit for himself. Premiums are put on rarer coins or uncirculated coins.

    Many people get caught up with the various bullish factors and the options for investing in silver. For a great way to get started now with old silver coins, download our Free Guide To Investing In Silver Coins

    With a little planning and research, even a newcomer to the world of old silver coins can make a wise investment in a questionable economy.

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