Mint Silver Coins – A Profitable Pastime And A Joy To Behold

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Beautiful, lustrous coins with little to no visible wear are sought after by both collectors and silver lovers alike. Collectable coins are graded into different categories to assess their value. Though the grading system for mint silver coins may be a little confusing at first, it’s worth taking the time to learn some of the more commonly used terms before starting a collection.

Coins in mint condition are the most desirable and most valuable of all coins.

Nothing compares to the thrill of finding that perfect little piece of history, made of silver and shining in the palm your hand. Mint silver coins are lovely to look at and a solid investment as well.

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The word “mint” has become a general slang term for excellent, near perfect, or like new condition of anything from car to collectible figurines, but it arose from coin collecting. In numismatic circles, the term “mint” refers to the condition of a coin.

[silver coins]

In simple words, “mint” describes a coin that is in nearly the same condition that it would have been in when it left the mint that made it. Mint silver coins show little to no surface wear as opposed to coins that have been circulated among the general population as currency.

Grading Coins

Prior to the late 1940s, descriptive words were the only method to communicate the condition of a coin. Terms like “about good” or “fine” were used to grade coins. This system was a little too open to interpretation and lacked standardization.

Dr. William Sheldon devised the first numerical system of grading coins. He assigned the numbers 1 through 59 to circulated coins and number 60 through 70 to uncirculated or mint coins. His grading system is still in wide use today as the generally accepted grading system, though it has evolved to encompass many more gradations and distinctions between mint silver coins.

There are at least eleven different mint state grades, not including the grades for lesser coins. The top few grades are as follows:

  • Perfect Mintstate (MS-70): Theoretical perfection and never used.
  • Perfect Specimen, Perfect Proof (SP-70, PF-70): Very rare but attainable; coins are usually taken from the press with gloved hands and put into protective covers.
  • Superb Mintstate (MS-67): Any flaws are only visible under magnification; appears perfect to the naked eye.
  • Gem Mintstate (MS-65): Only very minor flaws that do not detract from the coin’s appearance.
  • Choice Mintstate ( MS-63): The visible flaws are not too plentiful or too big or poorly placed on the coin.
  • Typical Mintstate (MS-60): Coins may appear “baggy” -- having many marks from being transported in bags -- but have no significant surface wear.

    [silver coins]

    The traits that make mint silver coins are their luster, the fullness of their striking, and their surface condition. These three components are all interrelated and a deficit in one can be made up by a surplus in another. Sometimes “eye appeal” is also added into the valuation of a coin if it’s toning is particularly good.

    Each of these traits is dependent of the metal from which the coin is made. Mint silver coins have some of the most beautiful luster but lack the hardness of nickel, for example, and so are marked or scratched more easily.

    There are three major grading services that can be employed to assess the condition of a coin.

  • Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)
  • Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC)
  • American Numismatic Association Certification Service (ANACS)
  • Many people get caught up with the various bullish factors and the options for investing in silver. For a great way to get started now with mint silver coins, download our Free Guide To Investing In Silver Coin

    Value of mint silver coins

    The value of mint silver coins goes far beyond their beauty and collectability. They hold the intrinsic value of the metal from which they are made. Silver has long been one of the most stable of all the precious metal markets, making silver coins an investment well worth your time and effort.

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