Look South of the Border to Invest in Mexican Silver Coins

It is well known that the Spaniards were attracted to Aztec gold when they landed in Mexico all those years ago but actually Mexico also has some great silver coins that are valuable as well.

Mexico has some of the largest silver coins in the world!

Mexico’s Libertad silver coin was first produced in the 1940s and was discontinued with later production in the 1970s and has now been consistently produced annually since 1991. [mexican silver round] These coins are issued in sizes ranging from one twentieth of an ounce (1/20) up to five (5) ounces of pure silver! Now that’s big!

Most of the coins are around one ounce of silver.

Coin is based on history of Mexico

Serious collectors like a story to go with their coin collections and Mexico has lots of colorful history and the Silver Libertad is symbolic of the struggle throughout the years that the country has gone through and is representative of liberty everywhere.

Unique design makes them a great collectible!

The design on the Libertad is of a Winged Angel based on the eight ton golden statue called the Angel of Independence that is in Mexico City. This dramatic statue proudly stands high above the city on a special column. The reverse side shows the official seal of Mexico surrounded by ten eagles.

Uncirculated sets offer great value for a collector

Since 2002 Bank of Mexico has offered a limited edition of only eleven hundred (1,100) uncirculated coins. These were not available outside of Mexico until the annual edition issued in 2003.

Since 2003 there have been limited editions of uncirculated silver Libertads of only 3000 making them much more valuable as a collector’s item.

Older Mexican silver coins are valuable too

Mexican silver coins from the 1800s were called Spanish dollars or pieces of eight and were originally issued in the 1700s. These coins were used in the United States until 1857 and can still be found although they are rare and considered valuable.

Spanish dollar becomes what is known as the peso

The word peso was what the Spanish dollar was called and is still the term used for Mexican currency today.

Types of Other Mexican silver coins

  • Mexico Silver 8 Reales Silver Old Coin
  • MoC Mexico Silver Un Peso
  • Mexico Un Peso Caballito Horse Large Silver Coin
  • MoM Mexico Silver Un Peso
  • Pio Mexico Silver Un Peso
  • ZsH Mexico Silver Un Peso
  • GoS Mexico Silver Un Peso
  • Many of these are from the 1800s and are worth more to collectors.

    Year and Condition matters

    Obviously - the older the coin the more likely that it is more valuable than a newer coin. The condition of the coin can make a difference to a collector but if you are buying it simply for its silver content then it doesn’t matter as much.

    In fact, we're partial to silver rounds

    No doubt about it. Collector coins and their scarcity add to the argument for investing in silver - simply for metal content. Many in the mainstream brush off silver as an industrial metal only - not a monetary metal like gold.

    Good money will always be removed from a fiat system. And numismatic or collectibles are living proof of this. Their beauty adds investment glamor to this overlooked opportunity.

    Whatever your interest in silver coins – whether as a collector or as the value of the silver content – Mexican silver coins can be a good choice to make an investment.

    For a great way to get started now with mexican silver coins (or plain 'ole .999 rounds), download our Free Guide To Investing in Silver Coins.

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