Gold and Silver Coins Are Tangible Assets

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Stock prices have been swinging from bad to worse lately but the market for gold and silver has remained relatively steady, making it a wise addition to a wealth protection plan. Owning gold and silver has been likened to having an insurance policy against inflation, recession, and poor economic projections. Owning gold and silver coins is one of the simplest ways to enter this safe haven for investors.

Many people get caught up with the various bullish factors and the options for investing in silver. For a great way to get started now with gold and silver coins, download our Free Guide To Investing In Silver Coins

Why are gold and silver valuable?

All three of the “precious” metals – gold, platinum, and silver – are valuable. Gold and silver are both valuable for several reasons. Rarity is the primary reason. All the gold that has ever been found could not fill a 150-foot cube. Gold and silver are also impervious to the elements. They will not corrode, disintegrate, or break down. Precious metals are malleable. They can be stretched or pounded out without breaking. They are beautiful to look at as well.Today, precious metals have value for more modern reasons, too. Gold is an excellent conductor of electricity and is being heavily utilized in the electronics industry. Likewise, silver is in high demand for lasers, satellites, and digital technology.


[silver coins]

Buying gold and silver coins is one of the easiest ways to own these precious metals. Many so-called “junk” coins are available from a wide variety of sources, from online retailers to local collectors.

Coins retain value in two very different ways: collectors’ value and intrinsic value. The perceived value of the rarity or history of a coin is one type of value. The intrinsic value of a coin is for the material itself, even if the face value becomes immaterial.A coin will always have the value of the metal from which it is made, even if the government that minted it collapses or no long exists.

Why do people buy coins?

Most people are buying coins today for one of three reasons:

  • Investment
  • Inflation hedge
  • Survival
  • Gold and silver coins are an investment that is easy to keep and retains value. Coins bought now will serve as protections during times of inflation that usually occur after large economic recessions. Oftentimes, the influences that drive stock prices down into recession and inflation help drive the price of precious metals back up. As a survival tool, coins are small and easy to carry, store, and trade for goods or services.

    What coins should you buy?

    Many people get caught up with the various bullish factors and the options for investing in silver.

    [silver coins] Krugerrands are perhaps the most widely known of all the international gold coins still in production. They are the cheapest, too, holding lower premiums than American Gold Eagles, another well-known and widely available numismatic piece.Old American silver coins are a great choice for investing, too. They are easy to find and are commonly sold in bags of $1,000 face value. For more about these bags of silver coins click here. If a crisis were to occur, silver would be more useful than gold since it could be used in smaller denominations for goods like food.

    On the whole, precious metals are a sound investment. Not everyone can afford to invest in large quantities of bars or rounds, though. Gold and silver coins offer an affordable and easy way for an average investor to break into this market. And it’s definitely a market worth breaking into!

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